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  • Winning Communications

    Rick DeBruhl

    Racing is a business. And like any business its success is dependent on people. It's not enough to have the greatest driver, if the team backing them up isn't working together. And even that isn't enough if they aren't communicating. MORE >

    Of course, we all know that. We simply need to be reminded. And it needs to be done in a way that grabs the attention of the people in your organization. A compelling story that shows what can be accomplished when communication is a part of the plan.

    This presentation isn't about racing. It's about winning.

    Alexander Rossi's victory in the 100th running of the Indy 500 was an amazing achievement. Here was a rookie who had never driven in this race, beating drivers and teams with decades of experience. So how did he do it? Two words: communications and teamwork. Telling that story is more than just entertaining, it's an amazing lesson in how any business can find a victory.

    Rick DeBruhl is a lifelong communicator. With a career that started in radio and now finds him covering auto racing for ESPN, he's learned the art of storytelling. Rick has a Master's degree in Media Management and is also the chief communications officer for a statewide organization. He understands communication theory and how it can make or break an organization.

    Winning Communications will help explain:

    * The importance of the communications culture
    * Critical communications needed during innovation and changing strategy
    * Communicating at the right speed

    Tailored to fit your group or organization, Winning Communications will inspire your audience to find new ways to get amazing results.

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  • Building a Better Workers’ Compensation Program

    Nancy Germond, President, Insurance Writer

    Employers of all sizes struggle to manage their workers' compensation risks. This lively presentation will provide you with ten top tips to build a stellar workers' compensation program, reduce injuries and manage return to work challenges.

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  • The Four Decisions Companies Must Get Right to Scale Up

    Corwin Smith, Entrepreneur / Scaling Up Coach, Transcend Growth Parnters

    Learn the four decisions companies must get right - People, Strategy, Execution & Cash. CEO's and business leaders will walk away with tools for strategic planning along with making sure that they Scale Up effectively.

    People - Getting the right people in the right seats doing the right things MORE >

    Strategy - A truly differentiated strategy that is simple.

    Execution - Processes running flawlessly and without drama

    Cash - Cash is like oxygen for a growth company, run out and risk death!

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  • The Painless Care and Feeding of the Sales Professional

    Mike Toney, Founder and President, Conquest Training Systems

    In this session, Mike shares the best 12 years of consulting with business owners on how to build a sales force with the right incentive and accountability systems to get results. Owners will learn how to stop the frustrations of wondering; “is he working hard?”, “Am I over paying them?” or “Is she as committed to win as I am?” MORE >

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  • Exploring Cultural Assumptions: Way Beyond Diversity 101

    Dr. Mallary Tytel, President, Healthy Workplaces

    We live and work in a complex world and every day we must work effectively with diverse populations in a fair, balanced, and collaborative manner. While many of us have been taught to overlook differences around us, particularly in power, privilege and hierarchy, bias and discrimination are still embedded patterns in our lives. These are called perspective, and along with it comes myriad assumptions about the world. MORE >

    Now more than ever we need to examine our own patterns, beliefs, and connections. What exactly are the nature of differences; the concepts of power and influence; and daily expectations for interaction and relationships?

    This timely presentation will challenge participants to new ways of seeing, understanding, and influencing the culture around them.

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  • The Millennial Magnet | Creating a High Performing Organization with the Millennial Workforce

    Jeremy Macliver, EOS Implementor, Edefi Solutions

    The impact these 76 million people born between 1980 – 2002 will have on the workforce is well-documented. Stereotypes aside, their numbers, creativity, passion and knack for technology make them a critical asset to any organization. However, they do think differently than Baby-Boomer owners and many Gen-X leaders and managers. MORE >

    Jeremy, who was born on the dividing line between Millennials and Gen-X, will show companies how to cross the bridge into the Millennial Workforce Era. Learn what a millennial is looking for in a company and how it can positively effect your organization. Take the next step in preserving the heritage of your company, and transfer it to the next generation successfully!
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  • Wage and Hour Compliance Challenges

    Lorie A. Birk, Esq, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Principal Consultant, HR Law Works, LLC

    There have been a lot of challenges for employers in the last year with respect to wage and hour. There were the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) salary exemption updates that were put on hold and a higher minimum wage in Arizona. With all of this, organizations cannot forget to review their wage and hour practices to ensure compliance. MORE >

    Is your organization including the appropriate compensation in overtime calculations? Are positions appropriately classified as FLSA exempt? This session will review some of the top compliance issues where organizations misstep and provide some tips for compliance.

    This program can also be tailored for state law compliance such as California.

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  • 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make that Keep them Stuck Earning Under 6-Figures

    Sandra Abbey, Business Strategy & Results Consultant, Leader Discovery

    Learn how to stop making these three limiting mistakes forever, so you can attract more clients or customers, increase revenues, and achieve measurable business results. This workshop helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get clarity on their vision, discover what's working and what's not working in their business, and develop practical strategies for achieving their desired results. MORE >

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  • Grace in Gravity: Cultivating Trust in Uncertain Times

    Cyd West, Executive Director, World Academy for the Future of Women

    Cyd West, a specialist in business and linguistics, presents ways to enhance our communication skills that are pertinent to every leader whose workforce feels affected by recent events and headlines.

    Today’s headlines: MORE >

    • Layoffs have decimated Cotech. Many of the remaining workers are immobilized by fear of losing their jobs through more layoffs or even company closure. John Powers, the CEO, thinks the situation can be turned around but he cannot make it with the current levels of productivity.

    • Employees of Medico have accepted a 1% cost of living increase in lieu of performance increases (usually between 4-6%) in order to protect their jobs during a downturn in the market. They soon find out the CEO of Medico was awarded a $6 million dollar bonus from the Board of Directors.

    These events occur every day and are highly publicized. They affect the culture in companies across the world. Uncertainty is airborne and contagious in the workplace. The costs of high turnover and productivity loss from poor morale are mounting.

    Cyd covers:

    • the “controllable” causes of uncertainty.
    • what employees want from their leaders during difficult times.
    • how a leader’s communication and behavior affect employee’s anxiety levels.
    • methods to solicit feedback and evaluate how our communication is perceived.

    Awareness of how our words and actions are interpreted during stressful times allows us to manage perceptions of our own reputation as well as the commitment of an organization to it’s workers, customers and partners. Opportunities abound to enhance these relationships through a realistic self-assessment and strategic communication.

    Recent research has unveiled a wealth of information for leaders who seek to motivate and inspire. Furthermore, there is a direct correlation to the bottom line. The common denominator in these findings is authentic and honest communication from successful leaders – as well as adopting the behaviors to support their messages.

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  • Building Employee Engagement

    Ed Fabritiis, Business Consultant, HR 1Source, LLC

    The workshop covers four key engagement building activities for any organization-: 1. Conducting Effect Meetings; 2. Knowing your employees; 3. Recognizing Positive Behaviors; 4. Holding Everyone Accountable.

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