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  • Building a Sustainable Culture

    Latoya Beverly, CEO & Founder of Sustainability Marketing, Creators of Change Agency

    Over the last decade, many businesses have seen company culture as the “Holy Grail” for attracting and retaining the best employees. Yet, the idea of building a “great company culture” has become falsely tied to amenities—like ping pong tables, unlimited vacation and nap rooms—rather than the core elements of what culture really is, like values and beliefs. MORE >

    This talk is for corporate leaders who are ready to embrace an inspiring, inclusive and sustainable fulfilling workplace that brings out the best in employees. By reflecting on her discoveries as an past employee, an healthcare advocate, and an executive, keynote speaker Latoya Beverly will teach leaders how to incorporate a mindful workplace culture as a tangible tool that can (and should) be actively managed to achieve consistent and excellent results.
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  • Increase Your Cash Flow Fast

    Jean Kuhn, Business Strategist / Consultant, Bounce Solutions Jean Kuhn

    Business owners, retail or service-based, all say the exact same thing. ‘We need more customers so we can earn more money.’ It’s tough out there for business owners in 2019. Jean Kuhn “has the backs” of business owners and delivers the hard facts, the truth and some laughs, on what it takes to become the leader in their industry and a “celebrity” in their business. MORE >

    Jean shares her story of buying 2 bankrupt businesses and turning them around in 12 short months and adding $100,000 to their bottom lines. And she did it with NO customer list and NO marketing budget.

    Jean is the perfect speaker if attendees:

    * Want more customers
    * Want to make more money
    * Want to more free time
    * Want to reduce employee turnover


    * You don't need a list or a big budget
    * Low cost/no cost marketing strategies
    * Tools to turn employees into lead

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  • Success in Sales

    Dan McGinnis, Inspirational Speaker, The Pumpkin Man

    Becoming better than most in sales can give you the feeling of inspiration to where you can continue to grow at a higher level than most other sales people. It is simple but not always easy.

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  • Getting Publicity – Easier Than You Think

    Andy Richardson, Vice President, Ginny Richardson Public Relations

    The popular publicity seminar presented to dozens of groups through Free Speakers Chicago is now available in Phoenix. Andy explains the ins and outs of how to receive free attention from newspapers, TV, radio and magazines. Audiences will learn how to capitalize on the often misunderstood marketing tool of media relations. Learn the difference between earned media and paid advertising and why publicity is so much more valuable. MORE >

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  • Success With Difficult People

    Byron G. Sabol, Author - International Speaker, Byron G. Sabol

    We all face the realities of having to work and communicate with a variety of challenging personalities. The more effective a person is in knowing how to reduce barriers with difficult people during face-to-face encounters, the more productive and enjoyable the work environment becomes. MORE >

    Having tested the communications and personality styles of more than 2,000 professionals in seven countries, I describe skills vital for communicating effectively face-to-face while improving relations with pressure sensitive and time-stressed individuals – in both the working and non-working environment. History has proven: Effective leaders know how to manage and motivate difficult people!
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  • “Cracking The Code” for a Winning Corporate Culture

    Dennis Campbell, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant , GainingEdge N.A., dba DC Enterprises

    DC will share (7) pillars of unbeatable corporate culture, all linked together that will be a disruptive force against competitors, reducing employee turn over, and delivering optimal stewardship of company resources, all resulting in success levels never dreamed of before. The audience will be engaged (no podium or risers) as DC works the room sharing the pillars and real life stories that works can work for small cap to large cap publicly traded companies. MORE >

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  • Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

    Jeremy Macliver, Certified EOS Implementer, Guaranteed Traction

    Learn the six key focus areas of a business and how to create alignment, accountability, and acceleration for leadership teams of fast growth companies. Increase the impact of your meetings, accelerate the results of your organization, and improve your bottom line by combining the best of business books by Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Patrick Lenchioni, Michael Gerber, Gino Wickman, and more into a complete look at the business. MORE >

    Discover solutions to issues the cross through all departments, effecting sales, production, and the organizations finances.
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  • Personal Branding and Networking

    Nichelle Robinson, Inclusion and Diversity Specialist, Republic Services

    Personal branding is how you package yourself and communicate the unique value you can offer to an organization. In this session, we will identify and articulate what differentiates you from other candidates, effective networking techniques and the power of understanding your key strengths.

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  • Time Management

    Howard Gershkowitz, Author

    As a successful businessman, financial advisor, and published author, I've developed a unique system of time management in order to pursue multiple goals while still finding time to raise a family and enjoy my leisure time, which I often spend traveling with my wife of 40 years. In this presentation, you will learn the basics for plotting a course and maintaining it, even during the most challenging distractions in your day. From goal setting to establishing daily rituals, this primer on the proper use and control of your time will set you on the right path towards meeting your own, diverse objectives. MORE >

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  • Busy? but not productive

    Jeremy Macliver, Certified EOS Implementer, Guaranteed Traction

    It is scary to think how many times I've gone home exhausted because I worked hard, but I wasn't sure what all I got done. Many business leaders and their team members are busy being busy. The intentions are good, the effort is real, but the results just don't add up. In this talk, we will share how we use a simple vision plan to slice through all of the chaos, determine what is important, and create actionable results. These skills work for the leaders and the team members that report to them. An aligned and focused organization increases momentum and reaps rewards that other teams only dream of. As Patrick Lenchioni says " If you could get all of the people in an organization rowing the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, at any time" Where do you want to take your team. Book this workshop to learn how to get your team rowing in sync toward the same goals! MORE >

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