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  • Exercise is Not Enough

    Ryan Booher, Community & Physician Relations, Vitality SarcoHealth

    Most people know exercise is good, but exercise is not an activity... and not all activities are equal, when it comes to health benefits... and walking is not enough. Ryan will discuss the common misconceptions with exercise and aging, and unpack the science and research around which activates will actually help you maintain or get back the lifestyle you always wanted. The good news is you can Choose how You Age! MORE >

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  • Medicare 101 (What you don’t know might hurt you)

    Edward Givens, Insurance Agent, HealthMarkets

    Medicare can be a confusing topic for seniors 65 & over and for their children. This topic will teach you the fundamentals of Medicare, what it covers, and what it does not cover. You will leave this session with a better understanding of the Medicare system and how to navigate it in a way that will best suit your needs. MORE >

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  • Choose How You Age

    Ryan Booher, Community & Physician Relations, Vitality SarcoHealth

    Ryan explains that most adults over age 50 are dealing with the medical condition known as sarcopenia. This progressive loss of muscle mass and strength is the #1 cause of falls and premature loss of independence. Ryan will share stories and explain the science and research around how to reverse this process naturally. When applied most people start to feel changes in their first 3-4 weeks, and typically start to notice significant meaningful changes after 6-8 weeks. MORE >

    The good news is that you can regain your strength and muscle quality by maintaining a balance between Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibers.

    - Type 1 muscle fibers take minimal effort and calories to maintain and preserve basic ability to move.
    - Type 2 muscle fibers require focused effort to maintain, maximize optimal body function and increase and maintain optimal metabolic function.

    Most people over 50 have too many Type 1 and not enough Type 2.

    Not having the proper muscle fiber balance has the effect of loss of structural support which results in reduced muscle and bone health, diminished balance, poor posture and increased joint and back pain. Not enough Type 2 fibers can also weaken cardiovascular health, leading to increased blood pressure, inflammation, and diminished circulation.

    A final consequence of this condition is poor metabolic function with increased A1C, and increased glucose levels. No wonder so many people are being diagnosed with diabetes and pre-diabetes! This is the consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. Too many Type 1 and not enough Type 2 muscle fibers.

    You can Choose How You Age!

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  • Bulletproof Your Body: What you Need to Know

    Ty Sinda, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance

    I see so many people come into my clinic with pains, headaches and alignments. When people work with me, I make sure they leave stronger than when they were before an injury. In this lecture, I discuss the treatment philosophy needed to "Bulletproof your Body".

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  • 10 Tips for Healthy Eating and Exercise When Pressed for Time

    Laura Leigh Birdwell, Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, Category 2 Road Cyclist, Teacher

    In today's society, time is of the essence. With a demanding workload, kids to care for, and long commutes to and from work, how can we possibly think about working out or cooking at home? MORE >

    In Laura Leigh's presentation, Laura Leigh shares her insights for healthy living when pressed for time. Only have 10 minutes to work out? No problem! Don't have time to cook dinner midweek? Laura Leigh has an idea! In this presentation, Laura Leigh shares 10 tips for healthy eating and exercise for the busiest of schedules.
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  • Hope for Overcoming Anxiety and Addictions

    Dr. Shawna Eischens, Naturopathic Physician, Hope and Healing Naturopathic

    Our thoughts affect our health, behavior, and physiology. It's possible to reset our brain and balance our subconscious mind to resolve anxiety and feel more calm and confident in our own body. When we are balanced from within, we have healthier boundaries, more contentment, and the ability to overcome addictive patterns, depression, anxiety, and more. You are worthy of healing!
    MORE >

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  • Feeling Alive and Vibrant for Today and Beyond

    Linda Curry, Author, Speaker, Educator, True Balance Wellness

    Do you want to feel alive and vibrant as you grow older? If you are committed to making some simple changes, your health goals are within reach. Join a discussion and learn some of these top age-defying secrets:
    • Maximizing the quality of your sleep
    • Keeping a flexible mind and body
    • Mimicking top secrets of Centenarians
    MORE >

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  • 3 Actionable Ways to Support Your Immune Health

    Dr. Yasaman Meek, Naturopathic Physician

    There has been a lot of anxiety surrounding our health due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emphasis has largely been placed on social distancing, sanitation, and vaccination. While these recommendations are effective, there are other supportive measures that you can take to strengthen your immune response. In this talk, you will learn research-based lifestyle practices, home therapies, and nutritional suggestions that can optimize your health.
    MORE >

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  • 65 is the New 45 – How to Stay Healthy and Active for the Rest of Your Life

    Robert Kelly, CEO and Owner, Results Only Fitness

    Working out and eating healthy can be a challenge for everybody. As we age, staying active can be even tougher. Most gym routines are meant for 25 to 30 year old adults who can bend, twist and press any way they want. And when you look up Senior Fitness all you get are programs that have you sit in a chair and lift 3 lb weights. MORE >

    Somewhere in between are the millions of 40, 50 and 60 year old people who want to start a routine after a long layoff or keep training without feeling beat up after every workout. In this seminar learn everything you need to know to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle during those years when you may feel the fitness industry is just not meeting your needs.
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  • The Highs and Lows of Hormones

    Dr. Yasaman Meek, Naturopathic Physician

    In this talk, Dr. Yas will focus on 3 key hormones (Thyroid Hormone, Cortisol, Sex Hormones) and teach you simple action steps that you can implement immediately to enhance your health.

    In this talk you will learn: MORE >

    (1) The common lifestyle and nutritional causes of hormonal imbalances
    (2) What your gut health has to do with your hormone health
    (3) How your hormones play a role in weight gain and how you can balance them naturally

    Have you ever wondered how it is possible to run your business, maintain your personal life, and make time to stay healthy? As a busy professional, maintaining your energy levels, managing your stress, having mental clarity, and being pain free are essential to running a successful business. Feel vibrant and healthy in your body, starting today!

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