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  • Turn Your Stress into Success

    Sara Regester, RN, BSN, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Directions 4 Wellness

    This interactive talk is offered in a workshop format where the participants learn specific strategies for presence, mindfulness and stress resilience so they can get out of resistance of that push-pull energy that keeps them stuck, distracted, procrastinating and uninspired and create the life that they desire. MORE >

    This program teaches how to create more confidence and courage to step into new opportunities for career, relationships and health in alignment with your authentic gifts and purpose so you can feel more energized, more focused and more fulfilled in your life.

    - Tips on how stay on your edge to create a successful life without wiping yourself out
    - Change how you think about stress and leverage it as an opportunity to learn and grow
    - Learn how you can meet stress with confidence and courage to respond to challenges successfully
    - Strategies to overturn your negative inner dialogue so you can turn up the volume to hear your wise intuitive voice
    - Be more present, mindful and neutral so you can creatively respond to your stress and stay out of emotional reactivity and energy loss
    - Be an Stress Responder and not a Stress Reactor
    - The secret to prioritizing competing priorities in a 24-hour day

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  • Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

    Dr. Leisa-Marie Grgula, Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist, Accurate Care Pain Relief Center

    Attendees will learn what changes can be made in diet, exercise, and chemical exposure that will decrease their health risks. These changes work to prevent work time loss, and allow them to spend more quality time with their friends and family, by improving their sleep and increasing their energy.

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  • Eating Right Is Not A 30 Day Challenge, It’s A Lifestyle

    Dr. Leisa-Marie Grgula, Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist, Accurate Care Pain Relief Center

    Giving the talk doing the walk. Dr. Leisa teaches attendees how to easily make better health a lifestyle. She focuses on these simple, yet effective lifestyle changes, rather than a quick fix.

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  • 65 is the New 45 – How to Stay Healthy and Active for the Rest of Your Life

    Robert Kelly, CEO and Owner, Results Only Fitness

    Working out and eating healthy can be a challenge for everybody. As we age, staying active can be even tougher. Most gym routines are meant for 25 to 30 year old adults who can bend, twist and press any way they want. And when you look up Senior Fitness all you get are programs that have you sit in a chair and lift 3 lb weights. MORE >

    Somewhere in between are the millions of 40, 50 and 60 year old people who want to start a routine after a long layoff or keep training without feeling beat up after every workout. In this seminar learn everything you need to know to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle during those years when you may feel the fitness industry is just not meeting your needs.
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  • What’s Psychology Got to Do With It? Getting and Staying Healthy at Any Age

    Cindy Cooke, Adjunct Professor, Glendale Community College

    You can avoid chronic illness! And you can’t always trust your doctor to tell you how. Our bodies are living systems that are actually designed to get and stay healthy – physically and mentally. Each of our bodies contain a feedback loop that allows us to discern when something is going wrong and guides us as to what to do about it – if we pay attention. MORE >

    Find out how to interpret your body’s signals and allow it to cure itself instead of covering up symptoms with medication. And, discover how old age is highly contagious and how you can avoid “catching” it from others and from the society at large.
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  • Brain Power Breakthrough!

    Wendy Bader, M.S., Your Brain’s Nutritionist! ©, Bader Nutrition LLC

    Discover the secret weapons to boost your focus, mental sharpness and productivity– so you can think faster, work smarter, and have more energy (and fun!) in your professional and personal life. Wendy’s powerful healthy lifestyle strategies will optimize your body and brain and inspire you to be your best healthiest self. MORE >

    In this fun and informative talk, audiences leave feeling energized, educated, and empowered to apply what they have learned in their daily lives.

    If your brain is already firing on all cylinders, great! Wendy’s realistic and easy-to-use strategies will amplify what is already working well and keep you performing at a top-notch level for a long time. Or, if you are struggling a bit, her powerful tips will be like rocket fuel for your body and brain.

    So whether you want to maintain your competitive edge at work, be a better student, or stay physically and mentally sharp as you age, this presentation will be your go-to guide to be laser-focused, feel great, and get more done----so you can get out there and enjoy life!

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  • Stress!! Stress?? You Don’t Have to Have It If You Use Some Simple and Effective Ideas.

    Bill Svoboda, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Founder, PotenialMAX

    What is stress? Where do I find it? Can I control it? How much control do I have? Is there anything “good” about stress? Why do some people find stress in an event and other people are not stressed by the same event? What can I learn about my mental health from studying stress? MORE >

    Can I walk away from this talk knowing several ways to stop or decrease the stresses I find in my life? These are some the questions that will be answered in the presentation. You can expect useful information, humor and numerous ways for you participate with your follow-up questions or comments.
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  • 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make Starting or Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

    Robert Kelly, CEO and Owner, Results Only Fitness

    Staying in shape is a challenge for most people. Starting a fitness routine or getting healthy after a long layoff is even harder. Why would anyone want to try and figure it out alone? You hire a lawyer for your legal needs and an accountant for your taxes. You would never ask your doctor how to perform surgery on yourself. That would be crazy. However, every single day people start and stop exercising with little or no guidance. MORE >

    The things you remember from when you were in high school are obsolete. Every magazine says something different, and late night TV only show programs for elite fitness enthusiasts. Learn tips, tricks and techniques to ensure you succeed with your fitness and fat loss goals this time.
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