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  • Self Care for Success

    Yasaman Tasalloti, ND, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti, PLLC

    Have you ever wondered how it is possible to run your business, maintain your personal life, and make time to stay healthy? As a busy professional, maintaining your energy levels, managing your stress, having mental clarity, and being pain free are essential to running a successful business. Feel vibrant and healthy in your body, starting today. MORE >

    Dr. Yas will focus on 4 key areas of health (Sleep, Mood, Digestion, Hormones) and teach you simple action steps that you can implement immediately to enhance your health:

    (1) How to optimize your sleep and increase your energy levels
    (2) How to manage stress and anxiety by receiving the right nutrients your body needs
    (3) What your gut health has to do with your overall health
    (4) How your hormones play a role in weight gain and how you can balance them naturally

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  • Your 2nd Brain: How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Brain Health

    Yasaman Tasalloti, ND, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti, PLLC

    Can you believe that your gut health can potentially be the cause of: Brain fog, Poor memory, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, ADHD/ADD and other more serious neurological disorders. MORE >

    Your gut and your brain communicate all day long. When there is an imbalance in the digestive system or an imbalance in the nervous system, disturbances occur in both systems. Common conditions like anxiety or depression often times have their roots in an unhealthy digestive tract. Learn how to optimize your gut health so you can restore your brain function.
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  • Reclaim Your Sexy

    Linda Curry, Author, Speaker, Educator, True Balance Wellness

    Is coffee beneficial for health and longevity? What about coconut oil? Are you confused about all the conflicting health advice and wondering if you should try the next fad diet claiming weight loss? Come join a discussion to bust some myths, stop dieting, and finally regain a nourishing relationship with food for life-long vitality and reclaiming your sexy. MORE >

    Learn how to:
    ● Change Your Mindset Around Eating
    ● Simplify Your Life with Common-Sense Nutrition
    ● Regain Your Freedom
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  • Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

    Dr. Leisa-Marie Grgula, Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist, Accurate Care Pain Relief Center

    Attendees will learn what changes can be made in diet, exercise, and chemical exposure that will decrease their health risks. These changes work to prevent work time loss, and allow them to spend more quality time with their friends and family, by improving their sleep and increasing their energy.

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  • Health Makeover from the Inside-Out

    Linda Curry, Author, Speaker, Educator, True Balance Wellness

    Do you feel frustrated with the constant health struggles even with a near-perfect diet? You are not alone. Buckle up as we address multiple facets of healing. Physical protocols will unlock one of the most effective anti-aging secrets around. Solidify your relationship with food as you begin to reveal your complete self; exuding full confidence, speaking your truth, and being truly free. Now that is sexy! MORE >

    Learn how to:
    ● Tailor a Simple Food Protocol specifically for You
    ● Revamp your Health from the Inside-Out
    ● Solidify your Relationship with Food
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  • Navigating Your Way through the Healthcare System: 12 Tips to Remember

    Brad Graber, Author, Dark Victory Press

    Do you have questions about your doctor’s office? Are you confused about the billing and how it correlates to your insurance? Why there are long waits – even if you have an appointment? Do you know the difference between deductibles and co-pays or why different pharmacies charge different amounts for the same prescription? Brad Graber has the answers from an insider's perspective. And he'll be sure to run through his top 12 tips to remember the next time you need to go to the doctor, hospital, or just fill a prescription. MORE >

    Brad is a former healthcare administrator, with over thirty years of experience including managing physician practices. Born and raised in New York City, Brad holds a B.A. from S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo and an M.H.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. A former Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Certified Medical Executive from the Medical Group Management Association, Brad no longer works in healthcare but continues to volunteer with non-profit organizations. He is the author of the award-winning novel, The Intersect, set in Phoenix, which explores hot-button issues of immigration, elder abuse, and teen homelessness. He also writes a weekly blog: There I Said it! His second novel, After the Fall, has just been released in May 2018. For more information about Brad Gaber, go to

    Warm, engaging, and at times, very funny, Brad will be a welcome addition to your meeting.

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  • Self Defense At Any Age

    Derrek Hofrichter, Chief Instructor, EVKM Self Defense & Fitness

    Self Defense expert Derrek Hofrichter will share safety tips and strategies while demonstrating what to do in the most common violent situations. He has been teaching the Israeli self defense system of Krav Maga for over a decade, and can show how you can take measures to protect yourself at any age or physical ability. MORE >

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  • 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make Starting or Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

    Robert Kelly, CEO and Owner, Results Only Fitness

    Staying in shape is a challenge for most people. Starting a fitness routine or getting healthy after a long layoff is even harder. Why would anyone want to try and figure it out alone? You hire a lawyer for your legal needs and an accountant for your taxes. You would never ask your doctor how to perform surgery on yourself. That would be crazy. However, every single day people start and stop exercising with little or no guidance. MORE >

    The things you remember from when you were in high school are obsolete. Every magazine says something different, and late night TV only show programs for elite fitness enthusiasts. Learn tips, tricks and techniques to ensure you succeed with your fitness and fat loss goals this time.
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  • Debunking the Myths About Health and Weight Loss

    Christi Christiaens, CHNC - CPT, Owner, Health Builders LLC

    This presentation is perfect for: ​Women who want to be healthy and lose weight, keep it off without deprivation, shame, guilt or willpower. Some of them probably tried a number of diets and strategies that haven't worked. I know how frustrating this can be, and how confusing it is for your audience to try to make sense of all the conflicting nutritional information out there. MORE >

    The majority of your audience are capable women! They're smart and professional. They're able to find solutions in most areas of their life. But when it comes to losing weight or eating emotionally, they feel very challenged.

    Your audience will leave with: The first absolutely essential action steps to start losing weight in a healthy way. Avoiding the terrible mistakes that most people make because of all the wrong information given by promoters of fad diets and quick fixes. Your audience will be inspired and hopeful that they can lose weight and feel better than ever regarding of their age.

    Elaine Hirsch - Director of Jewish Education in Scottsdale says:
    Christi Christiaens has been a guest speaker at our annual Jewish Women's Symposium for the past two years. Christi has a wonderfully engaging rapport with audiences. Her talks are entertaining and informative at the same time. Our members reciprocate by being inspired to live a healthier lifestyle, and actually doing it. Christi is a wealth of knowledge and her message is a common sense approach to enhancing one's quality of life. She is a blessing to our community and we look forward to working together again. Elaine Hirsch, Adult Learning Director and Jewish Community Library, Scottsdale AZ

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  • 65 is the New 45 – How to Stay Healthy and Active for the Rest of Your Life

    Robert Kelly, CEO and Owner, Results Only Fitness

    Working out and eating healthy can be a challenge for everybody. As we age, staying active can be even tougher. Most gym routines are meant for 25 to 30 year old adults who can bend, twist and press any way they want. And when you look up Senior Fitness all you get are programs that have you sit in a chair and lift 3 lb weights. MORE >

    Somewhere in between are the millions of 40, 50 and 60 year old people who want to start a routine after a long layoff or keep training without feeling beat up after every workout. In this seminar learn everything you need to know to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle during those years when you may feel the fitness industry is just not meeting your needs.
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