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  • Women & Money: Six Steps to Financial Security

    Katrina C. Lessard, CFP®, AEP®, Founder & CEO , Lessard Wealth Management

    Today, more women than ever are responsible for their financial well-being, and the well-being of their families. But women often face unique financial challenges. That's why it's so important that no matter what life stage they're in, women know how to save, invest, and plan for their future. MORE >

    In this seminar on Women and Money, you'll learn:
    * The unique financial challenges women face, such as longer life expectancies and more career breaks for caregiving, and how they impact long-term financial security
    * Six steps women can take to help them achieve financial security, including taking control of their money, becoming more knowledgeable investors, advocating for themselves in the workplace, planning for retirement, protecting their income and assets, and creating an estate plan

    You'll also receive a free electronic workbook created just for this presentation. The workbook contains key information, worksheets, and questions to help you remember important points from the seminar.

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  • The True Cost of College and How to Make College More Affordable

    Monica Felton, MBA, CFP, President, The Elliott Group

    It’s never too early to start thinking about college financial planning. As our kids go back to school, they are one step closer to this exciting and very expensive event! Whether you’re kids are a year away from college or 17, the time is now to understanding the true cost of college and how to make college more affordable. MORE >

    Monica Felton MBA, CFP is the college financial planning expert and has been coaching families for 15 years on how to save and pay for college and not sacrifice their retirement.

    She helps parents understand the expense of college. Today a four-year, in state, public University expense is $135,000. The total cost to a parent can be upwards of $500,000. Helping parents understand that college is really a retirement problem is paramount to financial success.

    By using an alternative strategy,the Wealth Builder Strategy, to save and pay this enormous expense, families will have significantly more wealth and benefits in their retirement. You can pay for college while contributing to your financial future.

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  • The Trump Tax Code and your IRAS

    Vincent Esparza, Managing Director, Esparza Group

    How can the new tax code help? Tax brackets for single, and tax brackets for married filing jointly. Why convert from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? How Medicare affects your tax situation? Understanding the difference between investing during retirement and investing for retirement. Tips on what a balanced portfolio looks like. MORE >

    What alternatives for investing that you may have, i.e. Real estate, commodities, life insurance, fixed annuities, etc. Recap -IRA's often create tax problems during retirement, the new tax code offers a widow of opportunity, and many investors are unknowingly taking on more risk than they should!
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  • Estate Planning Basics: Have You Created an Estate Plan For Your Family?

    Katrina C. Lessard, CFP®, AEP®, Founder & CEO , Lessard Wealth Management

    An estate plan is a map of how you want your personal and financial affairs to be handled in the future. An effective estate plan can help ensure that your family's financial needs will be taken care of, and that your personal wishes will be carried out in the manner you intended. It's a critical part of your overall financial plan. MORE >

    In this seminar on Estate Planning Basics, you'll learn:
    * Why you need an estate plan
    * Strategies to plan for incapacity, including special health care directives
    * Wills, trusts, and life insurance
    * Key tax basics, including an overview of the federal gift tax, estate tax, and generation-skipping transfer tax

    You will also receive a free electronic workbook created just for this presentation. The workbook contains key information, worksheets, and questions to help you remember important points from the seminar.

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  • Slaying the Debt Dragon – Financial Planning for the New Graduate

    Jeff Young, Senior Wealth Manager, Kierland Financial Group

    You've just graduated and are ready to enter your chosen field. But you also have student loans that have to be repaid. Debt can be an emotionally draining burden to carry, but it doesn't have to be. With a solid plan and a vigorous dedication to eliminating debt, there are steps one can take to accomplish the task of becoming debt free and to begin to create a solid financial foundation. MORE >

    Jeff contends that whether you are building wealth or becoming debt-free to do so, the key is creating a flexible and accountable plan to guide your through that journey. In this session, he will teach you how to take stock of your situation, eliminate barriers to success, write a plan of success, understand your options, employ others in your quest and the value of sacrifice and self-denial to earn your success.
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  • Think and Grow Rich Success Principles

    Jim Wilkerson, Founder, Think and Grow Rich Success Principles

    This material developed by Napoleon Hill published his book in 1937 has been the cornerstone philosophy for hundreds of thousands of successful people all over the world. These teachings are the result of his interviews with hundreds of the must successful people of his time sponsored by Andrew Carnegie who at the time was the wealthiest person in the world and owner of US Steel. MORE >

    I have been trained to understand the 17 principles of success in detail and am prepared to deliver the information so that anyone can understand and utilize the ideas presented. I look forward to speaking to your group and guarantee that your group will not be disappointed!
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  • Join the Insurance Evolution

    Paul Gebhard, Agent, American Family Insurance

    We will discuss the importance of an evolving asset portfolio protection plan. As laws change it’s important to make sure your protection is keeping up with your needs. Learn how to understand the relationship with your insurance company, and whether or not they are keeping up with your needs. MORE >

    Other questions Paul will discuss: How much protection is enough? When do I need an Umbrella? How does my insurance compliment my investment plans & tax strategies. After our forum you will have the tools you need to protect the time you’ve invested.
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  • Financial Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Insuring Financial Well Being

    Bill Millico, Investment Advisor Representative, DFG 401(k) Advisors

    Now more than ever, financial wellness matters. So now more than ever, it's time to address it – by giving a workforce and the general public the tools, understanding and motivation to take control of their financial lives. It causes a compound reaction: More productive people drive an organization's bottom line, as it does the society we live in and more financially confident people influence their families and communities. MORE >

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  • Maximizing your Social Security Options

    Vincent Esparza, Managing Director, Esparza Group

    - How new laws changed Social Security filing strategies
    - Strategies to maximize and integrate Social Security with your retirement

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  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Investing – A Primer for Young People

    Jeff Young, Senior Wealth Manager, Kierland Financial Group

    Of all the subjects to which one is exposed in the formative years of institutionalized education, perhaps none are more significant and yet more ignored than that of personal finance. While virtually every student will one day be responsible to some degree with the efficient handling of money for a family or most certainly, him or herself, it is one area of life that for many, they will be left to fend for themselves. MORE >

    In this 60-90 minute session, Jeff will introduce you to the fundamentals of investing. While these fundamentals are certainly only a small part of the much greater topic of personal finance, it is imperative that potential young investors be familiar with the foundation upon which they will eventually build their wealth over their lifetimes.

    Topics covered will be: Speculating is not Investing; Four Things You Can Do With Money; Own or Loan?; the Damning of Debt; Pay Yourself First; Clarifying Risk; Ten Great Mistakes Young People Make in Investing; Patience and Discipline, the Investor's Allies; The Eggs in the Basket Thing and much more.

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