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  • Understanding the Loan Process

    Jim Passamonte, Branch Manager / Sr. Loan Originator, Alliance Home Loans

    Whether a 1st time homebuyer or seasoned homeowner, Real Estate Lending has changed and offers a few new challenges to get to the finish line with as little stress as possible. This lecture can help alleviate the fears and make the home buying process smoother.

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  • The Run for the Roses: What Needs to be Done Before You Retire

    Jeff Young, Senior Vice President, First Financial Equity Corporation

    You’ve won the game! Now What? The goal of wealth accumulation gradually gives way to that of efficient money management in retirement. It certainly isn’t the same skill set and has a different set of challenges and opportunities associated with it. Planning for that stage while you are in your peak earning years can help insure a retirement of dignity and independence if you plan now. MORE >

    Financial Planner and Investment Advisor Jeff Young speaks about that life phase in this presentation entitled “The Run for the Roses.” It is he will address such issues as:
    • Creating a New Safety Net
    • Gifting
    • Planning a Social Security Strategy
    • What are RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Plans) and when do you take them?
    • Educating the Survivors
    • Maximizing your tax bracket
    • End of Life Planning
    • The One Property Asset that will give your Heirs Fits and how to avoid that
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  • Is There a Crack in Your Nest Egg? Let’s find the joy in living longer and loving it!

    Joanne Boyd, Long Term Care Finance Specialist, Boyd Health Insurance

    People make all types of mistakes with their money, but rarely is anything more painful than those that involve a lifetime savings or "nest egg". This informative and educational seminar is designed to help people understand one of the greatest financial risks to that nest egg: long term care. In an entertaining way, long term care is explained (what it is, where it takes place -hint - it's usually NOT a nursing home, who provides it, how much it costs -hint: can be over $100K/yr.) along with options on how to prevent the financial devastation that often accompanies this. MORE >

    No one ever wants to think they might need help with everyday activities like bathing or dressing, or think they may start to lose their memory. The reality is that almost 70% of Americans, because of our longevity, will at some point need help. Families often struggle with juggling work, family and caregiving, creating not only anxiety but often their own financial loss. There are great solutions to help families prevent this. These options include traditional insurance, "hybrid" long term care plan options, and many with options that if it's not used, the money is returned.

    This presentation is appropriate for adults at any age, because long term care will touch all of our lives at some point.

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  • Stories Your Broker Doesn’t Want You To Hear!

    James Terry, Founder, Yorktown Investments, LLC

    In this entertaining presentation, retired Wall Street veteran James Terry shares true stories from his long career dealing with America's "rich and famous". You will learn how these investors...many of them the "Who's Who" of corporate America...were often able to do what seemed too good to be true: Beat the market if it went up, but lose nothing if it declined or even crashed...all while paying pennies in commissions versus the high fees Wall Street's investment managers were charging (and still do)! You may be calling your broker or investment advisor before you get home! MORE >


    You'll also hear about the client who retired and lost millions with Madoff ... The oil company CEO who promised that oil would go to $120 just before it collapsed... The client who was in the middle of what became "Barbarians at the Gate"... And the client who shared the broadcasting booth every week with Howard Cosell during "Monday Night Football".

    Bottom line: All in all, Jim guarantees your money's worth...if only because he's free!

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  • Join the Insurance Evolution

    Paul Gebhard, Agent, American Family Insurance

    We will discuss the importance of an evolving asset portfolio protection plan. As laws change it’s important to make sure your protection is keeping up with your needs. Learn how to understand the relationship with your insurance company, and whether or not they are keeping up with your needs. MORE >

    Other questions Paul will discuss: How much protection is enough? When do I need an Umbrella? How does my insurance compliment my investment plans & tax strategies. After our forum you will have the tools you need to protect the time you’ve invested.
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  • How to Claim Social Security for Maximum Benefit and Litetime Income

    Jeff Young, Senior Vice President, First Financial Equity Corporation

    Around 45% of Americans take their Social Security benefits at the earliest possible time, usually around their 62nd birthday. For a great majority of these people, that is both a grievous and irreversible decision that has long-term deleterious effects. MORE >

    Jeff Young has spend a decade teaching people about the most efficient manner to take these distributions and for a couple, the difference in doing it right and doing it wrong can mean tens of thousands of dollars. Jeff explains how people can benefit from understanding the various strategies available to them and exactly how to employ them. This is an eye-opening session and one you will want to hear prior to making those significant decisions about Social Security.
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  • The Future of Health Insurance & Medicare

    Justin Bro, President, Retirement Insurance Specialists

    10,000 people each day will be enrolling in Medicare over the next 15 years. It is a trend known as the "Silver Tsunami" and it will have a significant impact on US economy and the health insurance industry. This educational presentation gives an overview of the current health insurance and Medicare marketplace and offers insights into some of the potential changes that may be coming. MORE >

    This is a great presentation for any groups with members at or near retirement age as it will give them the information they need to protect themselves against one of the largest and most unpredictable expense they may encounter in retirement.
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  • Best Laid Plans – How to Stay Prepared for the Future

    Marsha Goodman, Attorney, Frazer, Ryan, Goldberg & Arnold, LLP

    A description of Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives, including unique elements of those documents in Arizona. A discussion of what they accomplish and what they don't accomplish. What happens when someone doesn't have them - a brief overview of Guardianshp and Conservatorship in Arizona.

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  • Qualified, Inc.

    Wes Waddle, Chief Executive Officer, Qualified, Inc.

    An Arizona nonprofit teaching financial literacy and business while in high schools. This organization helps high school students to become licensed real estate agents, mortgage bankers, insurance agents, etc., before they go to college.

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