Andy Richardson

Vice President, Ginny Richardson Public Relations

Free Business Speaker in Phoenix

  • Getting Publicity – Easier Than You Think

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    The popular publicity seminar presented to dozens of groups through Free Speakers Chicago is now available in Phoenix. Andy explains the ins and outs of how to receive free attention from newspapers, TV, radio and magazines. Audiences will learn how to capitalize on the often misunderstood marketing tool of media relations. Learn the difference between earned media and paid advertising and why publicity is so much more valuable. MORE >

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  • Online Password Security: Don’t Get Pwned (Owned)

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

    Online password security is one of the more important forms of safety these days. Learn why this is important and how to protect yourself. If you’ve ever used the password: 1234, abcd, or if God forbid, you use the same password for many websites, this eye-opening presentation is a must for your group. Andy has a fun, upbeat style that will engage audiences of all ages, and everyone will learn something new. MORE >

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