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  • How to Get Clear on What You Want

    Carmen Payne, Owner & Creator, Soar! Transformational Life Coaching

    Do you have a lot of contrast showing up in your life? What I mean by that is, do you have things in your life you do not want or like? That you would like to change but are unclear how? Are you focused on what it is you don’t like or don’t want, rather than what you do want or do like? You have a desire to have something different but need help getting clear on what it is? If so this is for you! MORE >

    For many of us, contrast shows up in our life and this is a good thing! This contrast helps us to know what it is we don't want. However, what you do about it is important. Do you stay stuck with what you don't want, don’t have, don’t like or do you do something about it? Do you get clarity on what it is that you do want and take the necessary actions to make what you want a reality?

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  • What is Happiness / Success?

    Mark Reinoso, Managing Partner / Owner, Desert State Fire, PM Contracting Team, Irvington House

    "I want to be rich" "I want to be famous" "I dont want to work" "I want good food" "I want to travel." "I want kids, or more kids". "I want someone to share my life with"...the list goes on and on. Those are all admirable goals, but that's not what makes us happy. Happiness is more than a great bottle of wine, a fat bank account, or an exotic place. MORE >

    We come from all walks of life, have vastly different figures in our bank accounts, we come from different countries...we couldn't be more different! But yet, almost all of us would consider ourselves happy. Even people in war torn countries consider themselves happy.

    Enjoyment is temporary, and so is discomfort. You can enjoy a great meal, or a ride on a scooter, a trip to a foreign land... Happiness isnt excitement, or enjoyment. Just because you really enjoyed that roller coaster of that glass of whiskey, doesn't mean you are happy. And Just because you aren't enjoying yourself in that particular moment, doesn't mean you are unhappy.Just because you dont enjoy your visit to the proctologist or gynecologist, doesn't mean you aren't happy.

    Happiness is a deep abiding feeling...its visceral.Its a deep abiding feeling that you have. Its knowing that you are living your best life you can with the circumstances you have. It's knowing that you are cultivating the best relationships you can, that you are wanted and needed by the people you love.

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  • What are dreams and why are they important?

    Frank (Gunny) Alger, Education Advisor, Facilitator, Trainer, Leadership Developer

    It today’s world that are many people looking to get a head and be successful. They have dreams but they seem out of reach and unattainable. Gunny will share some tips and strategies that might inspire you to achieve those goals and dreams no matter your current situation.

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  • Loving Yourself is Never Easy

    Dawn Parker, Mrs. Dawn Parker

    Loving yourself is never easy; we are our own worst critics. To start loving yourself you must get back to the basics & that is getting to know who you are. How can a person grow if they don’t know what seeds to water or if they are letting others dictate who they are or who they are destined to become. MORE >

    A person must first take their life back, step out of the passenger seat & become the driver. Recognize that they are in control & take little steps to loving themselves & understanding who they are inside. Invest in yourself; the smallest things can pay the greatest returns in life & to becoming a self-loved individual.
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  • Ageless Women, Healthy and Fabulous After 50

    Christi Christiaens, CHNC - CPT, Owner, Health Builders LLC

    This presentation is perfect for: Women who want to live long and healthy. They want to play with their great-grandchildren, want to travel the world or learn a new language. They want to live their life to the fullest and realize that they have to be healthy and energetic to do so. They feel it's never too late to start a new adventure and have an active lifestyle. MORE >

    Your audience will: Be inspired to create a bright future and to never use their age as an excuse to do whatever it is they are compelled to do. They will realize that they can be healthy and energetic no matter their age.

    Even though the subject is quite serious I always incorporate a good dose of humor in my presentation therefore it qualifies as a real crowd pleaser.

    "Thank you for your entertaining, informative, and inspiring talk at our meeting last night. I think you may have realized how engaged our participants were by your presentation. Aging is not an easy proposition, but I am sure that your enthusiasm and your beautiful ageless example made it a little easier for many of us last night. With much gratitude," Ellen Widoff - Vice President of Programming NCJW Arizona Section

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  • Mindfulness: Harnessing the Extraordinary Power in Everyday Life

    J. A. Plosker, Author, Host, and Consultant, Nobody Press, LLC and J. A. Plosker, LLC

    Are ordinary events our most extraordinary opportunities for personal and spiritual growth? J. A. describes how a seemingly impossible experience took him out of a life of anxiety and depression and inspired him to spread a message of unlimited possibility. He’s now on a mission to empower people to be more mindful of life and to see their days in a whole new light. Hear how you can invigorate your journey of personal and spiritual growth right here, right now – right in your everyday life! MORE >

    You will be inspired to consider how events in your everyday life can be powerful opportunities for growth!

    Many people believe they don’t know enough about spiritual practices or don’t have enough time for personal or spiritual growth. It’s all for later or someday. J. A.'s answer is clear: The life you have right now is your greatest opportunity for growth. The answers to the “not enough” problem are not on a distant mountaintop or in a deep, dark cave. They are right here, right now!

    After this presentation you will understand the role ordinary life events play in spiritual and personal growth. J. A. will also share a simple process to increase mindfulness in daily life.

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  • Life is 50-50

    Sandra Jarvis, Certified Professional Coach, Off-hand Inspiration LLC

    In this presentation, Sandra shares theory she call The Big One and how living with the understanding that life is about 50% positive and 50% negative has led her to give 100% effort in everything she does. What would it be like if the individuals in your group faced adversity with integrity and grit? What if they were willing to do whatever it took to accomplish their goals? MORE >

    What if they understood that life is full of challenges and joys--and both are equally important in building healthy relationships, developing emotional maturity, and reaching their goals? Using personal experience, as well as knowledge gained through coaching clients to become their best selves, those are the things you'll learn in Ms. Jarvis' "Life is 50-50" presentation.
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  • Bondage vs. Freedom – You Always Have A Choice

    Carmen Payne, Owner & Creator, Soar! Transformational Life Coaching

    How many of you have ended up where you are by default? Sitting in the passenger seat being driven through your life by other people’s beliefs on what you should be doing, feeling, thinking and how you should exist? This speech will inspire you to shift your perspective and to bust your current reality! Are you ready to get back in the driver’s seat? MORE >

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  • Severed Hand, Severed Lies

    Sandra Jarvis, Certified Professional Coach, Off-hand Inspiration LLC

    In 2014, Sandra's right, dominant hand was severed in a roll-over ATV accident. The experience changed her life. After a lifetime spent in bitterness and anger because of childhood abuse and continued challenges as an adult, she discovered that the power to choose the life she'd always wanted to live was inside of her and that finding purpose and peace was simply a matter of making a choice. MORE >

    In this presentation, Sandra shares how her severed hand helped her identify and sever the lies that held her back and made her feel like she wasn’t enough. She encourages her audience to examine their own beliefs, then challenges them to let go of misery so there's room to welcome purpose and peace into their lives. This presentation will make you laugh and cry as you reflect on the choices you've made that define your life today.
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  • When Change Comes What Do You Do?

    Frank (Gunny) Alger, Education Advisor, Facilitator, Trainer, Leadership Developer

    With change come challenges that is certain. How we deal with them determines the quality of our life the lives of those around us. Gunny will share anecdotes and stories that will help you embrace the change and overcome your challenges so you can be successful.

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