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  • Understanding Gender Diversity

    Karen Shiffman Lateiner, M.A., M.Ed,, Author, Gender Diversity Advocate

    All around us we see the traditional concepts of gender challenged in ways they had not been in the past. Author, educator, and former mental health clinician, Karen Shiffman Lateiner, M.Ed., will take you on her personal journey as she struggled to understand the gender transition of her child at a time when transgender issues were rarely discussed. MORE >

    Her recent publication, Timeless Dance: A Story of Change and Loss, serves as a catalyst for understanding gender diversity. Through an informative presentation and interactive seminar, she will share what she has learned about gender and will discuss the societal implications and mental health issues for gender non-conforming individuals in the past, and in today’s world.
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  • How to do Things Your Phone Won’t

    David Lastinger, Author

    If you are just getting out on your own and have wondered, what happens if I have a flat, or I get pulled over by the police. What about setting up your first personal budget, establishing credit, or doing your weekly shopping. If you didn't learn these at home or in school, I can help. Its a light hearted approach to solving problems that your smart phone just can't. MORE >

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  • Team Building

    Debbie Moore, Teacher, Mountain Ridge High School

    Workshop Learning Objectives: Characteristics of effective teams • Four stages of team development • How individual differences and roles contribute to building a strong team Have practiced skills in: • Supporting team development through its formative stages • Constructive communication • Conflict resolution And will have discussed: • A vision of their ideal team • Principles and behaviors to guide team performance • A plan for monitoring progress toward achieving their vision
    MORE >

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  • Overqualified/Underqualified; What Will Your Education (and Life Experience) Be Worth to You?

    Wes Waddle, President, Arizona Seminars, L.L.C.

    This is the title to my book which was published in 2015 to help junior high school students and high school students to become qualified for the position which will fulfill their dreams. This talk will help parents of teenagers as they help their students with choosing extra-curricular activities. This will help adults as they transition from one job or career to another. MORE >

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  • Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial & the History of the Scottsdale Airport

    Steve Ziomek, Chariman, Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial

    Thunderbird Field II was built in 1942 for the sole purpose of training WWII Army Air Corp pilots. Over 5,500 pilots were trained at Thunderbird Field II between 1942 and October 16, 1944, when the school was deactivated. Many of these young aviators saw military action in Europe and the Pacific. MORE >

    The Thunderbird Field II Plaza at the entrance to the new Scottsdale Airport terminal, business center and restaurant will include a monument with information on Thunderbird Field II and its military history. The Plaza’s centerpiece will be a Stearman PT-17, the aircraft used for training at Thunderbird Field II. The service plaques for all of our armed services as well as the revered POW-MIA plaque will be on permanent display.

    Learn about the history of the 3 Thunderbird Fields, current Scottsdale airport operations & the Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial.

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  • Project Based Learning in Schools

    Debbie Moore, Teacher, Mountain Ridge High School

    Learn how to design, assess, and manage a rigorous, relevant, standards- focused project. The workshop models the project process. The workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration. Participants have substantial time to plan their own project, and receive formative feedback from peers and the facilitator. MORE >

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  • Become a Published Author: Here’s How!

    Brad Graber, Author, Dark Victory Press

    Have you dreamed of becoming a published author? Are you intimidated by the process? Unsure how to begin? Wondering if you can truly earn a living? Today is the time to make that dream a reality. Learn about how you can become an Indie author. With the advent of the Internet and Amazon, anything is possible. MORE >

    Brad is a former healthcare administrator. He holds a B.A. from S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo and an M.H.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. He no longer works in healthcare but continues to volunteer with non-profit organizations. He is the author of the award-winning novels The Intersect and After the Fall. He also writes a weekly blog: There, I Said it! His third book - What's That Growing in My Sour Cream? - is a compilation of Brad's best humor essays. For more information about Brad Graber go to

    Warm, engaging, and at times, very funny, Brad will be a welcome addition to your meeting.

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  • Learn to Be the Leader and Not the Boss

    Frank (Gunny) Alger, Education Advisor, Facilitator, Trainer, Leadership Developer

    Volunteers are a tradition of American life. They offer countless hours of service and a variety of skills and insights to their organizations, all without compensation. Volunteers need people who understand leadership to show them the way and not bosses that tell them what and how to do it. This presentation will help you understand the difference and how to lead your organization successfully. MORE >

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  • Timeless Dance: A Story of Change and Loss

    Karen Shiffman Lateiner, M.A., M.Ed,, Author, Gender Diversity Advocate

    Karen Shiffman Lateiner, author of TIMELESS DANCE: A STORY OF CHANGE AND LOSS, takes you on her compelling journey to understand the gender transition of her remarkable son, fully embrace the woman he becomes and, just two years later, grapple with her child’s untimely death. The author speaks frankly of her experiences of family, joy, death, grief, gender, and the power of the human spirit. MORE >

    Join her on an unusual tour of a mother’s mind as she reflects on her own history in coping with her child’s transition and death. At a time when transgender issues were still hidden, she and her family educate themselves and their communities, turning their grief to advocacy. More than a memoir, Timeless Dance stands as a biography and a primer on gender diversity. Questions and discussion are always welcomed.
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  • Real World Interview Prep

    Darrin Schenck, Coach and Consultant, DarrinChatter

    I have given this talk multiple times in both the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU and also the W.A. Franke Business School at NAU, but I think it applies to others as well. MORE >

    I sit on the interview team at my company, and have compiled some Do's and Don'ts over the course of 300+ interviews. I am here to share the good, the bad, and the flat out funny, as well as some solid advice that you need to know for your next interview.
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