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  • “It’s Kubotan Time!”

    Jui L. Chiu, Self-Defense Instructor, Kubotan Time

    The Kubotan Time offer free self-defense classes for anyone 8 years or older. Learn how to fight off an attacker with a Kubotan and everyday objects, like a sharpie or marker. The purpose of the self-defense class is to teach our community how to be more aware of their surroundings and gain self-confidence. Anyone can learn these life-saving defense skills! Take control and escape a threat. It could save your life. MORE >

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  • Project Based Learning in Schools

    Debbie Moore, Teacher, Mountain Ridge High School

    Learn how to design, assess, and manage a rigorous, relevant, standards- focused project. The workshop models the project process. The workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration. Participants have substantial time to plan their own project, and receive formative feedback from peers and the facilitator. MORE >

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  • Peer to Peer: Drug Demand Reduction – Good Choices = Strong Futures

    Tyson Henry, YM SgtMaj, East Valley Young Marines

    Today's youth are living in a world where drug use is ever present. This presentation is designed for youth, presented by a peer. Today's youth are more apt to listen to a peer when it comes to anti-drug messaging than they are to listen to the same messaging from an adult. MORE >

    Young Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Henry will present on the five gateway drugs, providing youth with information on what the five gateways are, where use could lead them, how to avoid use by dealing with stress and peer pressure and ways to identify healthy alternatives to drug use. Participants will learn strategies on how to say "no" as well as the consequences of drug use.
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  • Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial & the History of the Scottsdale Airport

    Steve Ziomek, Chariman, Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial

    Thunderbird Field II was built in 1942 for the sole purpose of training WWII Army Air Corp pilots. Over 5,500 pilots were trained at Thunderbird Field II between 1942 and October 16, 1944, when the school was deactivated. Many of these young aviators saw military action in Europe and the Pacific. MORE >

    The Thunderbird Field II Plaza at the entrance to the new Scottsdale Airport terminal, business center and restaurant will include a monument with information on Thunderbird Field II and its military history. The Plaza’s centerpiece will be a Stearman PT-17, the aircraft used for training at Thunderbird Field II. The service plaques for all of our armed services as well as the revered POW-MIA plaque will be on permanent display.

    Learn about the history of the 3 Thunderbird Fields, current Scottsdale airport operations & the Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial.

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  • Team Building

    Debbie Moore, Teacher, Mountain Ridge High School

    Workshop Learning Objectives: Characteristics of effective teams • Four stages of team development • How individual differences and roles contribute to building a strong team Have practiced skills in: • Supporting team development through its formative stages • Constructive communication • Conflict resolution And will have discussed: • A vision of their ideal team • Principles and behaviors to guide team performance • A plan for monitoring progress toward achieving their vision
    MORE >

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  • Drug Demand Reduction – What Parents Need to Know

    Tyson Henry, YM SgtMaj, East Valley Young Marines

    Drug use and abuse can start as early as elementary school. This presentation will review the five gateway drugs and the importance of parents knowing and understanding what they are. Participants will be able to identify the five gateway drugs, will learn their street names, the effects of the drugs, signs and symptoms of use and use prevention methods. MORE >

    Parents will learn what to look for as well as how to discuss the dangers of these drugs with their children. Research and statistics on use of these drugs will be shared and community resource information will be provided. This training is designed for parents, educators, and concerned community members.
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  • How Could You Vote for THAT? The ABC’s of Political Psychology

    Cindy Cooke, Adjunct Professor, Glendale Community College

    Sadly and ominously, person-to-person civilized political dialogue with people who think differently than we do has virtually disappeared. For the last 50 years, our country has become increasingly polarized: we tend to only read newspapers that reflect our beliefs, listen to the stations we agree with, and even move to communities because they are populated with those who think the same. MORE >

    Regardless, it IS possible to understand each other, “get” how other people think, why they vote for that “jerk or jerk-ess” you may despise, where they’re coming from and how they see the world. Trade your anger and frustration for understanding and insight. Learn how to talk to people who are 180 degrees different from you, and why both of you might actually be right.
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  • Learn to Be the Leader and Not the Boss

    Frank (Gunny) Alger, Education Advisor, Facilitator, Trainer, Leadership Developer

    Volunteers are a tradition of American life. They offer countless hours of service and a variety of skills and insights to their organizations, all without compensation. Volunteers need people who understand leadership to show them the way and not bosses that tell them what and how to do it. This presentation will help you understand the difference and how to lead your organization successfully. MORE >

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