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  • The Four Decisions Companies Must Get Right to Scale Up

    Corwin Smith, Entrepreneur / Scaling Up Coach, Transcend Growth Parnters

    Learn the four decisions companies must get right - People, Strategy, Execution & Cash. CEO's and business leaders will walk away with tools for strategic planning along with making sure that they Scale Up effectively.

    People - Getting the right people in the right seats doing the right things MORE >

    Strategy - A truly differentiated strategy that is simple.

    Execution - Processes running flawlessly and without drama

    Cash - Cash is like oxygen for a growth company, run out and risk death!

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  • The Painless Care and Feeding of the Sales Professional

    Mike Toney, Founder and President, Conquest Training Systems

    In this session, Mike shares the best 12 years of consulting with business owners on how to build a sales force with the right incentive and accountability systems to get results. Owners will learn how to stop the frustrations of wondering; “is he working hard?”, “Am I over paying them?” or “Is she as committed to win as I am?” MORE >

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  • Risk Management in Today’s Increasingly Challenging World

    Nancy Germond, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Insurance Writer

    How to manage your organization's risk in today's workforce, including hiring, retention, loss prevention and claims management.

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  • Stop the Sales Commodity Game Prospects Play!

    Mike Toney, Founder and President, Conquest Training Systems

    “But you are too expensive,” “I’ll get other bids,” “too busy right now,” are just some of the things prospects say when they play ‘Lets make you the Commodity’ game. In this session, Mike teaches audiences how to interrupt the thinking of the prospect to never compete on price or be treated like a sales pest instead of a sales person. MORE >

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  • Creativity and Job Performance: or How to Wear a Smile Everyday

    Brad Graber, Author, Dark Victory Press

    It’s not uncommon to think that only artists are creative. In reality, creativity presents in many different ways and has been scientifically proven beneficial to our health and well-being. Learn how to manifest the spirit of creativity in your life and reap the rewards of improved job satisfaction, happiness, and health. MORE >

    Brad is a former healthcare administrator, with over thirty years of experience including managing physician practices. Born and raised in New York City, Brad holds a B.A. from S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo and an M.H.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. A former Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Certified Medical Executive from the Medical Group Management Association, Brad no longer works in healthcare but continues to volunteer with non-profit organizations. He is the author of the award-winning novel, The Intersect, set in Phoenix, which explores hot-button issues of immigration, elder abuse, and teen homelessness. He also writes a weekly blog: There I Said it! His second novel, After the Fall, has just been released in May 2018. For more information about Brad Gaber, go to

    Warm, engaging, and at times, very funny, Brad will be a welcome addition to your meeting.

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Scale Up the Talent You Need

    Ryan Englin, CEO, Core Matters

    Learn how to improve your application process and get to market quickly. Understand more about attracting and hiring all the right people for optimal business growth.

    Unable to grow as fast as you want? Can’t bid on projects or deliver as quickly because you don’t yet have the talent to meet demand? Flooded with applicants and overwhelmed in reviewing them all? MORE >

    There’s no doubt your company is flourishing and has further potential. What’s more, you’re building a pipeline of people as hundreds of applications pour in monthly. So, why does it feel like you’re falling behind instead of scaling up?

    This workshop is designed to check your systems and processes. Can you efficiently handle applications every month without the task itself becoming a part-time job? Together, we’ll focus on finding the right people, creating job descriptions, discovering the right market for those jobs, promoting your business, and standing out. Above all, we’ll target the keys to streamlining, automation, and growing even more.

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  • How to Create and Start Living Your Strategic Business Adventure

    Sandra Abbey, Business Strategy & Results Consultant, Leader Discovery

    Ms. Abbey is currently on an extended leave of absence and is not making presentations at this time. MORE >

    Entrepreneurs are driven by a dream and passion for what is most important to a successful life. But all too often they spend countless hours working in their business without really achieving the results they want. They end up feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.

    This presentation helps business owners reconnect with their passion and drive, and gives practical steps toward creating a strategic adventure in business and life. Bottom line, they learn to enjoy the adventure of running their own business, and achieve measurable business results.

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  • Engaging Your Employees with the Growth Accelerator

    Ryan Englin, CEO, Core Matters

    Learn more about the power of aligning your company’s values with employees’ values. Finally, understand what it means to invest in your people and engage them as you experience all-around business growth. MORE >

    On average, employees are with you for 3.1 years. That is unless they’re engaged. Engaged employees don’t leave. This begs the question: How are you currently engaging your workforce? How can you improve in this area?

    This workshop explores my growth accelerator model. It’s essentially a system implemented to help managers accelerate the personal growth of employees on top of their professional growth. Why? When your people value their training and their work on a personal level, they’re engaged and making the most of their careers. In fact, they can’t imagine working anywhere else.

    Further, we'll talk about the company story you're telling externally, as well as the story being told inside your organization. In short, we’ll examine what your business values, and I’ll explain how you can attract and hire people who value the same.

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  • Grace in Gravity: Cultivating Trust in Uncertain Times

    Cyd West, Executive Director, World Academy for the Future of Women

    Cyd West, a specialist in business and linguistics, presents ways to enhance our communication skills that are pertinent to every leader whose workforce feels affected by recent events and headlines.

    Today’s headlines: MORE >

    • Layoffs have decimated Cotech. Many of the remaining workers are immobilized by fear of losing their jobs through more layoffs or even company closure. John Powers, the CEO, thinks the situation can be turned around but he cannot make it with the current levels of productivity.

    • Employees of Medico have accepted a 1% cost of living increase in lieu of performance increases (usually between 4-6%) in order to protect their jobs during a downturn in the market. They soon find out the CEO of Medico was awarded a $6 million dollar bonus from the Board of Directors.

    These events occur every day and are highly publicized. They affect the culture in companies across the world. Uncertainty is airborne and contagious in the workplace. The costs of high turnover and productivity loss from poor morale are mounting.

    Cyd covers:

    • the “controllable” causes of uncertainty.
    • what employees want from their leaders during difficult times.
    • how a leader’s communication and behavior affect employee’s anxiety levels.
    • methods to solicit feedback and evaluate how our communication is perceived.

    Awareness of how our words and actions are interpreted during stressful times allows us to manage perceptions of our own reputation as well as the commitment of an organization to it’s workers, customers and partners. Opportunities abound to enhance these relationships through a realistic self-assessment and strategic communication.

    Recent research has unveiled a wealth of information for leaders who seek to motivate and inspire. Furthermore, there is a direct correlation to the bottom line. The common denominator in these findings is authentic and honest communication from successful leaders – as well as adopting the behaviors to support their messages.

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  • What are KPIs and How Do I Track Them in My Business?

    Corwin Smith, Entrepreneur / Scaling Up Coach, Transcend Growth Parnters

    Let's face it, there's no shortage of great advice out there but little can be tied to real performance. I was once a CEO who managed my company from "gut" instinct. The problem is my "gut" didn't scale to my managers and it left frustrated with lack luster results. Even worse, my employees were relying on me to 'read the tea leaves' and predict the future. Before I learned how to properly develop and track KPIs I was shooting in the dark. MORE >

    Learn what KPIs are, Why they matter for YOUR business and Which Vital Few you should be tracking; daily, weekly, and monthly.
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