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  • How I Wrote and Published My First Novel

    Howard Gershkowitz, Author

    Sitting in the lobby of the historic Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, Arizona, I sipped my coffee and stared at the period pieces surrounding me. It was January 1, 2015 when my eyes landed on the switchboard, circa 1927, and I started day dreaming. What might it have looked like, some young person sitting at the station, routing calls between the guestrooms and the rest of the country? I pictured the roaring 20’s, the coming market crash, the world plunged into the Great Depression, ultimately bringing about World War II and it’s horrifying consequences. What if I could go back and warn them? Stop it somehow? MORE >

    Thus, began this journey back to 1929, where I sent our hero, Harold, to meet Talia Sanders, the operator. Over the course of the next couple of years—in real time—he navigated the interceding nine decades, traveling back and forth, trying to change the past, and, when he fails, to prevent the same thing from happening in the present.

    As the story unfolded in my mind, I had one major problem; most time travel stories break down because of unresolved paradoxes. If you visit the past, don’t you automatically change it by your presence? What if you only go back a few months or years? You run the risk of meeting your younger self, which is a real no-no in terms of theoretical physics. How, then, could I get around it?

    The main concern, as far as I could see, was this little thing called the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy, If you take a human being and transport him into the past, you simultaneously remove his bulk from the present and insert into another epoch. The Universe should implode immediately upon such a distortion. The answer? Well, if modern theory is right, we can hitch a ride through a wormhole, traveling unimaginable distances across the galaxy without disrupting the flow of time. So why not a slimmed down version to permit local excursions? Why not a ‘squirmhole?”

    Join Harold as he wanders through time in order to prevent the past from repeating itself.

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  • On The Move Again?

    Robin Adrihan, Founder / Co-Owner, Smooth Transitions of the Valley

    Life's major transitions are tough at any age. For older adults, moving away from their home can be especially challenging. It ranks as one of the top three most stressful events in life. And for good reason;leaving a lifetime of memories behind is emotional. MORE >

    Whether you are downsizing a residence or moving into a retirement community, it can be overwhelming. Possibly there are health or memory issues involved with this move. If you are a family member trying to help, it can wear on you emotionally and physically. Maybe your job is demanding or you live out of state and there is a time constraint.

    Serving older adults in Phoenix and the West Valley area for almost a decade, Robin will share the knowledge she has gained. Find out how to make a smooth transition and go from being "overwhelmed" to "overjoyed"!

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  • Downsizing and Tidying Up

    Andrea Brundage, MBA, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm | Author, Simple Organized Solutions (SOS)

    The Golden Years are often accompanied by the realization that we have accumulated way too much stuff. Our idea of passing "our treasures" on to our kids isn't a sure thing because for the most part, they don't want your stuff either. So now what? MORE >

    This class teaches the basic principles of organizing and offers techniques for simplifying life and "letting go" of emotionally charged possessions. It also touches on the importance of having an organized estate plan.

    Andrea Brundage is a well-known Professional Organizer and author who will answer your questions, share valuable tips, and give you guidance so you can reduce the stress in your life and that starts by getting rid of the clutter in your space. Andrea's book, Simplify Your Life: 8 Principles to Turn Your Chaos into Calm and its companion, the Simplify Your Life Journal are available for purchase at, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

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  • How to build an organization with Volunteers

    Frank (Gunny) Alger, Education Advisor, Facilitator, Trainer, Leadership Developer

    In today’s busy world, getting involved in volunteer leadership has a set of challenges that bygone years never had. No matter what type of volunteer organization you are involved with, you have to understand how volunteers think so you can help your organization to be successful.

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  • MVD Is Serving You Better

    Doug Nick, Asst. Communications Director for Customer Outreach, Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (ADOT)

    At the Arizona MVD, our vision is “To get you out of line and safely on the road” and I think we’re doing some interesting things to reach that goal. MORE >

    Since everyone has to use MVD at one time or another, I’ve found that we get a pretty healthy discussion when we share some time with groups like yours. I have a general-interest presentation as well as one more focused on business practices that may be of more interest to Chambers of Commerce.

    I’d love to drop by your group and share my presentaion and I’m always happy to take questions.

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