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  • 7 ways to improve your life, RIGHT NOW

    Mark Reinoso, Managing Partner / Owner, Desert State Fire, PM Contracting Team, Irvington House

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    How many times have you felt that you just wanted to get away from it all? Quit your job, quit your life, and move to the beach? Move to Italy? We see it regularly on social media.... MORE >

    The frustrations and the monotony of life in this system create a longing for a more meaningful existence....a more connected, important, purposeful existence. I think that describes the human condition in many ways, its why humans have always conquered, migrated....manifest destiny!

    Do you feel stuck in a mediocre life? Do you feel like all you do is commute to work and do things you have to do, just to keep the lights on? The good news is that you can gain meaning, or more meaning in your life with just a few simple, but deliberate actions. You dont have to chuck it all and buy a villa in Italy....

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  • How to Get Clear on What You Want

    Carmen Payne, Owner & Creator, Soar! Transformational Life Coaching

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Do you have a lot of contrast showing up in your life? What I mean by that is, do you have things in your life you do not want or like? That you would like to change but are unclear how? Are you focused on what it is you don’t like or don’t want, rather than what you do want or do like? You have a desire to have something different but need help getting clear on what it is? If so this is for you! MORE >

    For many of us, contrast shows up in our life and this is a good thing! This contrast helps us to know what it is we don't want. However, what you do about it is important. Do you stay stuck with what you don't want, don’t have, don’t like or do you do something about it? Do you get clarity on what it is that you do want and take the necessary actions to make what you want a reality?

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  • Understanding the Loan Process

    Jim Passamonte, Branch Manager / Sr. Loan Originator, Alliance Home Loans

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Whether a 1st time homebuyer or seasoned homeowner, Real Estate Lending has changed and offers a few new challenges to get to the finish line with as little stress as possible. This lecture can help alleviate the fears and make the home buying process smoother.

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  • Healthcare Compliance

    Martha E. Rodriguez, Healthcare Compliance, Health Tec Systems

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Mitigating risk is the goal of having a healthcare compliance program in place. This lecture is designed to inform and enhance the compliance efforts of healthcare providers. The lecture can focus on one aspect are the entire process of having a quality compliance program in place. A good program will operate as a map, offering formal standards and increased communication. Topic in this work shop include, HIPAA, policies and procedures, compliance officer duties, monitoring and enforcement. MORE >

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  • Stories Your Broker Doesn’t Want You To Hear!

    James Terry, Founder, Yorktown Investments, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    In this entertaining presentation, retired Wall Street veteran James Terry shares true stories from his long career dealing with America's "rich and famous". You will learn how these investors...many of them the "Who's Who" of corporate America...were often able to do what seemed too good to be true: Beat the market if it went up, but lose nothing if it declined or even crashed...all while paying pennies in commissions versus the high fees Wall Street's investment managers were charging (and still do)! You may be calling your broker or investment advisor before you get home! MORE >


    You'll also hear about the client who retired and lost millions with Madoff ... The oil company CEO who promised that oil would go to $120 just before it collapsed... The client who was in the middle of what became "Barbarians at the Gate"... And the client who shared the broadcasting booth every week with Howard Cosell during "Monday Night Football".

    Bottom line: All in all, Jim guarantees your money's worth...if only because he's free!

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  • Is There a Crack in Your Nest Egg? Let’s find the joy in living longer and loving it!

    Joanne Boyd, Long Term Care Finance Specialist, Boyd Health Insurance

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    People make all types of mistakes with their money, but rarely is anything more painful than those that involve a lifetime savings or "nest egg". This informative and educational seminar is designed to help people understand one of the greatest financial risks to that nest egg: long term care. In an entertaining way, long term care is explained (what it is, where it takes place -hint - it's usually NOT a nursing home, who provides it, how much it costs -hint: can be over $100K/yr.) along with options on how to prevent the financial devastation that often accompanies this. MORE >

    No one ever wants to think they might need help with everyday activities like bathing or dressing, or think they may start to lose their memory. The reality is that almost 70% of Americans, because of our longevity, will at some point need help. Families often struggle with juggling work, family and caregiving, creating not only anxiety but often their own financial loss. There are great solutions to help families prevent this. These options include traditional insurance, "hybrid" long term care plan options, and many with options that if it's not used, the money is returned.

    This presentation is appropriate for adults at any age, because long term care will touch all of our lives at some point.

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  • What is Happiness / Success?

    Mark Reinoso, Managing Partner / Owner, Desert State Fire, PM Contracting Team, Irvington House

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    "I want to be rich" "I want to be famous" "I dont want to work" "I want good food" "I want to travel." "I want kids, or more kids". "I want someone to share my life with"...the list goes on and on. Those are all admirable goals, but that's not what makes us happy. Happiness is more than a great bottle of wine, a fat bank account, or an exotic place. MORE >

    We come from all walks of life, have vastly different figures in our bank accounts, we come from different countries...we couldn't be more different! But yet, almost all of us would consider ourselves happy. Even people in war torn countries consider themselves happy.

    Enjoyment is temporary, and so is discomfort. You can enjoy a great meal, or a ride on a scooter, a trip to a foreign land... Happiness isnt excitement, or enjoyment. Just because you really enjoyed that roller coaster of that glass of whiskey, doesn't mean you are happy. And Just because you aren't enjoying yourself in that particular moment, doesn't mean you are unhappy.Just because you dont enjoy your visit to the proctologist or gynecologist, doesn't mean you aren't happy.

    Happiness is a deep abiding feeling...its visceral.Its a deep abiding feeling that you have. Its knowing that you are living your best life you can with the circumstances you have. It's knowing that you are cultivating the best relationships you can, that you are wanted and needed by the people you love.

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  • Value-Based Payment Systems for out pt Healthcare Providers

    Martha E. Rodriguez, Healthcare Compliance, Health Tec Systems

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    The current state, the speed of adoption, interoperability, strategies. This talk will focus on reimbursement. We will review HCC attestations, MIPS, and many other health reporting systems. The advantages and disadvantages of participating.

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  • Stress Mastery: From Feeling Stuck to Feeling Free

    Sara Regester RN, BSN, CHC, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Directions 4 Wellness

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    This interactive talk is offered in a workshop format where the participants learn specific strategies for presence, mindfulness and stress resilience so they can get out of resistance of that push-pull energy that keeps them stuck, distracted, procrastinating and uninspired and create the life that they desire. MORE >

    This program teaches how to create more confidence and courage to step into new opportunities for career, relationships and health in alignment with your authentic gifts and purpose so you can feel more energized, more focused and more fulfilled in your life.

    - Tips on how stay on your edge to create a successful life without wiping yourself out
    - Change how you think about stress and leverage it as an opportunity to learn and grow
    - Learn how you can meet stress with confidence and courage to respond to challenges successfully
    - Strategies to overturn your negative inner dialogue so you can turn up the volume to hear your wise intuitive voice
    - Be more present, mindful and neutral so you can creatively respond to your stress and stay out of emotional reactivity and energy loss
    - Be an Stress Responder and not a Stress Reactor
    - The secret to prioritizing competing priorities in a 24-hour day

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  • Self Care for Success

    Yasaman Tasalloti, ND, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti, PLLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Have you ever wondered how it is possible to run your business, maintain your personal life, and make time to stay healthy? As a busy professional, maintaining your energy levels, managing your stress, having mental clarity, and being pain free are essential to running a successful business. Feel vibrant and healthy in your body, starting today. MORE >

    Dr. Yas will focus on 4 key areas of health (Sleep, Mood, Digestion, Hormones) and teach you simple action steps that you can implement immediately to enhance your health:

    (1) How to optimize your sleep and increase your energy levels
    (2) How to manage stress and anxiety by receiving the right nutrients your body needs
    (3) What your gut health has to do with your overall health
    (4) How your hormones play a role in weight gain and how you can balance them naturally

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