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  • Stress Mastery: From Feeling Stuck to Feeling Free

    Sara Regester RN, BSN, CHC, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Directions 4 Wellness

    This interactive talk is offered in a workshop format where the participants learn specific strategies for presence, mindfulness and stress resilience so they can get out of resistance of that push-pull energy that keeps them stuck, distracted, procrastinating and uninspired and create the life that they desire. MORE >

    This program teaches how to create more confidence and courage to step into new opportunities for career, relationships and health in alignment with your authentic gifts and purpose so you can feel more energized, more focused and more fulfilled in your life.

    - Tips on how stay on your edge to create a successful life without wiping yourself out
    - Change how you think about stress and leverage it as an opportunity to learn and grow
    - Learn how you can meet stress with confidence and courage to respond to challenges successfully
    - Strategies to overturn your negative inner dialogue so you can turn up the volume to hear your wise intuitive voice
    - Be more present, mindful and neutral so you can creatively respond to your stress and stay out of emotional reactivity and energy loss
    - Be an Stress Responder and not a Stress Reactor
    - The secret to prioritizing competing priorities in a 24-hour day

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  • LeaderFlip Explained!

    Jascha Ely, Young Marine SgtMaj, East Valley Young Marines

    I will be able to create a visualization to people of all ages of what a good leader would need to abide by. I will show the different types of leaders and leadership types and then show how these can adjust to different personalities. MORE >

    I am going to be able to have people realize that a leader is not a dictator or a boss and that an actual leader does more than give commands. The true ethics and morals behind leadership can be found in many places but in my presentation it will feature the 14 leadership traits (JJ DID TIE BUCKLE) and I will show that abbreviation to those who want to know what it takes to be a leader in everyday life, at work, at school, at home etc.
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  • Get Organized: Simplify Your Life, Reduce Your Stress, Live A Healthier Life

    Andrea Brundage, MBA, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm, Simple Organized Solutions (SOS)

    Living and working in a cluttered and chaotic environment causes most people stress, and prolonged stress is a major contributor to many medical challenges. This course is intended to provide simple techniques that will help stressed individuals and professionals start clearing clutter in their lives, and on their calendars, and begin to take back control of their lives. MORE >

    We cannot always control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react, and what we allow in our space.

    Andrea Brundage is a well-known Professional Organizer who will answer your questions, share valuable tips, and give you a guidance so you can reduce the stress in your life, starting with the clutter in your space.

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  • Networking for Love or Money

    Joan Betsy Kurasch, Founder, The Silver Compass

    The techniques are the same for meeting the love of your life or the important business contact. In this presentation the correct handshake, ice-breaker, and how to enter an existing group will be addressed. Created for both the extrovert who needs to tone down his/her approach or the introvert who just wants to hide in the corner, this program will give "specific" tips that can be used immediately. MORE >

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  • How Thinking in the Opposite Can Change Your Life and Business

    Kenny Weiss, Professional Coach

    Getting stuck in a dead end career or relationship can make you feel like you are suffocating. Most people think avoiding the difficult decisions and personal issues is the answer. Coach Kenny Weiss will reveal what you can do to live life from a new perspective—where everything is opposite of what you say and think. The result? Living in the opposite brings opportunities and insight you never thought possible. MORE >

    Whether we like it or not, we are all carrying trauma from our past and reliving it each day. It’s a natural response to try to avoid pain and negative feelings. But when we do that, we are missing out. Trauma from the past impacts our relationships, career choices, hobbies, finances, emotions, spiritual life, sex life and brain power. Turning toward our trauma (the opposite of what most people do) has the surprising power to change our view of the world and how the world sees us. Discover how to access the power of living in the opposite, facing your trauma and unleashing your true potential.
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  • Steps to Take to Reinvent Yourself After …

    Joan Betsy Kurasch, Founder, The Silver Compass

    After a significant loss there exists an opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a new life that is both engaging and rewarding. Whether it is the loss of a job, a business failure, a divorce, a significant illness or a financial disaster, there exists the possibility for creating something new, something special. MORE >

    Having worked with people who are grieving for the future they had planned and that has now disappeared, this presentation was created to start the process of facing the dilemma of "What do I do next?"
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  • Using Active Listening to Mold Behavior

    Ed Fabritiis, Business Consultant, HR 1Source, LLC

    Participants learn the 5 steps to the successful application of Active Listening. Active Listening does not come naturally to most people. The workshop provides the opportunity for learners to practice Active Listening in the safe environment of the meeting through carefully constructed exercises.

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  • The D-I-M-E-S Theory or “How to Get What You Really Want”

    Wes Waddle, Chief Executive Officer, Qualified, Inc.

    Desire - What do you want? Inspiration - What puts you in the right spirit? Motivation - What will move you to action? Enthusiasm - "En Theos" (or in God) Success - Putting it all together

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  • Emotionally Appealing as a Speaker

    Jascha Ely, Young Marine SgtMaj, East Valley Young Marines

    This is a participatory type of presentation. It's purpose and goal is to teach and help those who are involved in public speaking, but with an emotional appeal. I would be showing how and why body language is essential to impact your speech, and how to practice this. Along with multiple tips and hints to assist those who want to be able to deliver a speech with professional impact whilst being able to make it entertaining and powerful. MORE >

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  • Skillful Conversations

    Jenny Yoder, Leadership Coach and Team Facilitator, Trinity Performance Group, LLC

    Learn how to frame robust conversations that: Align your intent with what you say; Address the root sources of conflict; lessening misunderstandings; Increase your ability to listen and take in other perspectives; Evoke the best in yourself and others.

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