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  • Using Active Listening to Mold Behavior

    Ed Fabritiis, Business Consultant, HR 1Source, LLC

    Participants learn the 5 steps to the successful application of Active Listening. Active Listening does not come naturally to most people. The workshop provides the opportunity for learners to practice Active Listening in the safe environment of the meeting through carefully constructed exercises.

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  • Get Organized: Simplify Your Life, Reduce Your Stress, Live A Healthier Life

    Andrea Brundage, MBA, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm, Simple Organized Solutions (SOS)

    Living and working in a cluttered and chaotic environment causes most people stress, and prolonged stress is a major contributor to many medical challenges. This course is intended to provide simple techniques that will help stressed individuals and professionals start clearing clutter in their lives, and on their calendars, and begin to take back control of their lives. MORE >

    We cannot always control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react, and what we allow in our space.

    Andrea Brundage is a well-known Professional Organizer who will answer your questions, share valuable tips, and give you a guidance so you can reduce the stress in your life, starting with the clutter in your space.

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  • Is Your Garage Filled With Items That Should Have Been Thrown Away 10 Years Ago?

    Robin Adrihan, Founder / Co-Owner, Smooth Transitions of the Valley

    Garage or home cluttered? Are you a saver or a hoarder? Is it time to just eliminate the clutter or are you moving? Would you like to get organized or make some money by selling some of your treasures? MORE >

    Whether you are moving and need to downsize or just want to rightsize your current home, find out how to do this without losing your mind. Let go, lower your stress scale and unload the emotional and physical junk.

    Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant Robin will give you tips on how to get through the challenge of letting go and what to do with the items that are going out the door.

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  • The D-I-M-E-S Theory or “How to Get What You Really Want”

    Wes Waddle, Chief Executive Officer, Qualified, Inc.

    Desire - What do you want? Inspiration - What puts you in the right spirit? Motivation - What will move you to action? Enthusiasm - "En Theos" (or in God) Success - Putting it all together

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  • Language, Sex and Power: Effective Communication Techniques for Women

    Cyd West, Executive Director, World Academy for the Future of Women

    Cyd West, a specialist in linguistics, presents ways to enhance your communication skills that are pertinent to every woman who lives and/or works with men. She covers: MORE >

    • who gets heard and why.
    • how men and women communicate and interpret each other.
    • potential language pitfalls which commonly occur in the workplace.
    • how these differences affect women in the workplace and in positions of authority.
    • what we as women can do to improve our communication effectiveness with men and in the workplace.

    As young girls we are taught to be considerate, to save face for others, to apologize, and exercise modesty. This training often runs counter to the communication skills that are expected and rewarded in the workplace. If you know women who have waited for someone to notice they’ve done a good job or whose deferential nature has kept them from advancement, you have witnessed this dichotomy in action.

    Linguistic research has unveiled a wealth of information for women working with men. Deborah Tannen, Robin Lakoff and other linguists have studied how language patterns are formed at a very young age and how they grow to differ for the sexes. These differences, hierarchical communication for men and relational communication for women, are the basis for much of the misunderstandings and lack of value of women’s contributions in the workplace. Understanding these potential pitfalls and leveraging our strengths as women in relational communication techniques can ensure our visibility, power and effectiveness in the workplace.

    • Help women and men understand the beneficial dynamics of utilizing the full spectrum of communication skills and attributes;
    • Enable women to succeed in traditionally male oriented workplaces and be perceived as strong and effective in their leadership roles.
    • Provide an understanding of communication pitfalls and opportunities by both sexes that can lead to effective leadership for both men and women.

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  • LeaderFlip Explained!

    Jascha Ely, Young Marine SgtMaj, East Valley Young Marines

    I will be able to create a visualization to people of all ages of what a good leader would need to abide by. I will show the different types of leaders and leadership types and then show how these can adjust to different personalities. MORE >

    I am going to be able to have people realize that a leader is not a dictator or a boss and that an actual leader does more than give commands. The true ethics and morals behind leadership can be found in many places but in my presentation it will feature the 14 leadership traits (JJ DID TIE BUCKLE) and I will show that abbreviation to those who want to know what it takes to be a leader in everyday life, at work, at school, at home etc.
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  • The Job Search Overview & Checklist

    Martha Rockwell, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Licensed Career Coach, A+ Resumes & Career Coaching, LLC

    When looking for work, the first thing to understand is that there are six major areas of the job search. Understanding the purpose of each step, knowing when and how to incorporate each into a job search is vital. Most critical... all are important and must be used simultaneously. MORE >

    This presentation includes an explanation of the six steps that are involved in a successful search. Each step will be explained, its importance and how all six work together for best results.
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  • What’s Most Important?

    Bill Svoboda, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Founder, PotenialMAX

    What’s Most Important? is the title of my latest book. It is the result of decades of formal and informal research and personal experimentation. I have categorized the results of this research into five factors that are of crucial importance to modern individuals and societies. MORE >

    I will demonstrate how we can use these five survival strategies as game-changing forces in our personal lives, families, vocations, organizations and at all government levels.

    For example, what if all parents modeled and taught their children the fundamentals of physical health, mental health, financial security, used proven problem-solving and critical thinking skills and acted responsibly to others, the environment and especially to themselves?

    Alternately, what if we charged our schools at all levels to produce physically healthy, mentally healthy, financially competent problem-solvers/critical thinkers who acted responsibly toward others, the environment and themselves?

    If nothing else, I want to challenge you to think about what is most important. Ideally, I hope that you will make some time to study, analyze, practice and model these five factors or your modification of them. I want you to try them as a personal experiment as I have done. If you do, I am confident that you, those around you and society as a whole will be the better for it.

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  • The Subtle Art of Effective Listening

    Jeff Young, Senior Vice President, First Financial Equity Corporation

    Of all the communication skills, that of listening is the most misunderstood, the least employed and yet the most important of effective interaction between human beings. Whether you are in sales or management, your ability to be a good listener is crucial to your success in your professional endeavors. MORE >

    As a successful investor for his clients, Jeff has spent a career understanding what it is people want and need from their lifetime of efforts. And to do that, he had to become an effective and efficient listener. In this session, Jeff will share with you how to set the stage, how to be an "active" listener and what listening techniques can propel you to the next level of your personal success ladder.
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  • Steps to Take to Reinvent Yourself After …

    Joan Betsy Kurasch, Founder, The Silver Compass

    After a significant loss there exists an opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a new life that is both engaging and rewarding. Whether it is the loss of a job, a business failure, a divorce, a significant illness or a financial disaster, there exists the possibility for creating something new, something special. MORE >

    Having worked with people who are grieving for the future they had planned and that has now disappeared, this presentation was created to start the process of facing the dilemma of "What do I do next?"
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