Jeff Young

Senior Wealth Manager, Kierland Financial Group

Free Financial Speaker in Phoenix

  • The Subtle Art of Effective Listening

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Of all the communication skills, that of listening is the most misunderstood, the least employed and yet the most important of effective interaction between human beings. Whether you are in sales or management, your ability to be a good listener is crucial to your success in your professional endeavors. MORE >

    As a successful investor for his clients, Jeff has spent a career understanding what it is people want and need from their lifetime of efforts. And to do that, he had to become an effective and efficient listener. In this session, Jeff will share with you how to set the stage, how to be an "active" listener and what listening techniques can propel you to the next level of your personal success ladder.
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  • Slaying the Debt Dragon – Financial Planning for the New Graduate

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    You've just graduated and are ready to enter your chosen field. But you also have student loans that have to be repaid. Debt can be an emotionally draining burden to carry, but it doesn't have to be. With a solid plan and a vigorous dedication to eliminating debt, there are steps one can take to accomplish the task of becoming debt free and to begin to create a solid financial foundation. MORE >

    Jeff contends that whether you are building wealth or becoming debt-free to do so, the key is creating a flexible and accountable plan to guide your through that journey. In this session, he will teach you how to take stock of your situation, eliminate barriers to success, write a plan of success, understand your options, employ others in your quest and the value of sacrifice and self-denial to earn your success.
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  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Investing – A Primer for Young People

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Of all the subjects to which one is exposed in the formative years of institutionalized education, perhaps none are more significant and yet more ignored than that of personal finance. While virtually every student will one day be responsible to some degree with the efficient handling of money for a family or most certainly, him or herself, it is one area of life that for many, they will be left to fend for themselves. MORE >

    In this 60-90 minute session, Jeff will introduce you to the fundamentals of investing. While these fundamentals are certainly only a small part of the much greater topic of personal finance, it is imperative that potential young investors be familiar with the foundation upon which they will eventually build their wealth over their lifetimes.

    Topics covered will be: Speculating is not Investing; Four Things You Can Do With Money; Own or Loan?; the Damning of Debt; Pay Yourself First; Clarifying Risk; Ten Great Mistakes Young People Make in Investing; Patience and Discipline, the Investor's Allies; The Eggs in the Basket Thing and much more.

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  • The Run for the Roses: What Needs to be Done Before You Retire

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    You’ve won the game! Now What? The goal of wealth accumulation gradually gives way to that of efficient money management in retirement. It certainly isn’t the same skill set and has a different set of challenges and opportunities associated with it. Planning for that stage while you are in your peak earning years can help insure a retirement of dignity and independence if you plan now. MORE >

    Financial Planner and Investment Advisor Jeff Young speaks about that life phase in this presentation entitled “The Run for the Roses.” It is he will address such issues as:
    • Creating a New Safety Net
    • Gifting
    • Planning a Social Security Strategy
    • What are RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Plans) and when do you take them?
    • Educating the Survivors
    • Maximizing your tax bracket
    • End of Life Planning
    • The One Property Asset that will give your Heirs Fits and how to avoid that
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  • How to Claim Social Security for Maximum Benefit and Litetime Income

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Around 45% of Americans take their Social Security benefits at the earliest possible time, usually around their 62nd birthday. For a great majority of these people, that is both a grievous and irreversible decision that has long-term deleterious effects. MORE >

    Jeff Young has spend a decade teaching people about the most efficient manner to take these distributions and for a couple, the difference in doing it right and doing it wrong can mean tens of thousands of dollars. Jeff explains how people can benefit from understanding the various strategies available to them and exactly how to employ them. This is an eye-opening session and one you will want to hear prior to making those significant decisions about Social Security.
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