Understanding the Fundamentals of Investing – A Primer for Young People

Of all the subjects to which one is exposed in the formative years of institutionalized education, perhaps none are more significant and yet more ignored than that of personal finance. While virtually every student will one day be responsible to some degree with the efficient handling of money for a family or most certainly, him or herself, it is one area of life that for many, they will be left to fend for themselves.

In this 60-90 minute session, Jeff will introduce you to the fundamentals of investing. While these fundamentals are certainly only a small part of the much greater topic of personal finance, it is imperative that potential young investors be familiar with the foundation upon which they will eventually build their wealth over their lifetimes.

Topics covered will be: Speculating is not Investing; Four Things You Can Do With Money; Own or Loan?; the Damning of Debt; Pay Yourself First; Clarifying Risk; Ten Great Mistakes Young People Make in Investing; Patience and Discipline, the Investor’s Allies; The Eggs in the Basket Thing and much more.

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