The Run for the Roses: What Needs to be Done Before You Retire

You’ve won the game! Now What? The goal of wealth accumulation gradually gives way to that of efficient money management in retirement. It certainly isn’t the same skill set and has a different set of challenges and opportunities associated with it. Planning for that stage while you are in your peak earning years can help insure a retirement of dignity and independence if you plan now.

Financial Planner and Investment Advisor Jeff Young speaks about that life phase in this presentation entitled “The Run for the Roses.” It is he will address such issues as:
• Creating a New Safety Net
• Gifting
• Planning a Social Security Strategy
• What are RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Plans) and when do you take them?
• Educating the Survivors
• Maximizing your tax bracket
• End of Life Planning
• The One Property Asset that will give your Heirs Fits and how to avoid that

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