The Legacy Journal, The Treasure Map to Your Life and Heritage

Have you ever been with family members trying to piece together fragments of your ancestor’s stories? It happens to every generation, eventually these special stories are forgotten. Can you imagine, the sense of pride, if you could look into your ancestor’s legacy book telling their stories in their own handwriting?

Most ancestry and genealogy programs motivate you to learn and research your lineage as far as you can. What makes the Legacy Journal different and unique is that it starts with the person you know the most… yourself.

This presentation will help stir memories to inspire you to document your history so it is not forgotten. We will have an opportunity to discuss the contents in this self-help guide and we can answer your questions if you are planning to write your family journey. Your children, grandchildren, and descendants will learn from your journey and experiences and take pride in the things you have in common. Knowing and understanding your ancestors’ circumstances creates a sense of pride, self-worth and affirms your legacy. Join us for this adventure of a lifetime.

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