Did You SEE What That Person SAID? – Why Your Body Language is Important

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Decisions about doing business with you, becoming your friend or trusting you are made in less than one second based on first impressions. Much of your day is spent giving and receiving information. But what First Impression and Ongoing Impression are you giving?

Business Body Language, nonverbal communication that transmits information, is comprised of 5 “broadcast centers.”

The interactive presentation workshop includes lecture, individual practice, small group work, and real life examples.

Leave the session with mastery of 9 new business body language skills.

The workshop agenda includes:
– The Power of First Impressions
– The Five Broadcast Centers of the Body
– Understanding the importance and key elements of each Broadcast Center
– Interpreting the body language that you are seeing in another person
– Sending the body language messages that you want to broadcast
– Making sure your interpretation of a body language message is the right one
– Mastering 9 Business Body Language skills to use today

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