Lunch-and-learn presentations bring excitement to workplace – Arizona Republic

Arizona RepublicRequests from companies planning Lunch and Learns for employees are trending much higher, according to, a pro bono speakers bureau. In the 2000’s, Lunch & Learns seemed to decline, but in the past six months, the speakers bureau has noticed an increase in the number of requests for speakers for businesses.

Local groups and organizations such as Rotary clubs, libraries, and chambers of commerce are still the primary users of free speakers from our bureau, but the increase in companies making requests is significant and on the rise.

Lunch programs are usually 30–60 minutes and are held in a meeting room, conference space, or auditorium. The sessions can be a nice perk for employees to learn about something new from an expert presenter. It could be a health and fitness topic, something historical, or simply a motivational presentation.

The lunch and learn concept isn’t about training employees on business processes and procedures. In fact, that’s a big no-no. What employee wants to spend his or her lunch break learning mandatory company rules? Rather the lunch and learn provides value and education about things outside of the work sphere.

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Arizona Republic
February 16, 2018