The Power of Facebook Live, How to Build Credibility and Sales in 3 Minutes

In this entertaining 45 minute presentation, Certified Master Speaker, Jean Kuhn, shows your audience how to go from ordinary business owner to “Expert/Celebrity” business owner and why that’s important to getting new customers.

Your audience will learn how to make content rich videos in a matter of minutes with their phone, tablet or desktop to create raving fans and buying customers. Something their competition is not doing… yet.

Your audience will learn:

* How to increase their customer reach
* How to retain clients that stay longer and spend more money
* How to get over 1000 views from their videos
* How to create instant credibility
* Hear real-life statistics that Jean and her clients are getting as they are building their businesses and getting new clients from video
* To finally have fun with their marketing while making more money.

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