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  • 65 to 0 – Surviving a Head on Collision with a Wrong Way Drunk Driver

    Darrin Schenck, Inspirational Speaker, DarrinChatter, LLC

    I am very fortunate to still be here on Earth, as statically I beat the odds. Every 52 minutes someone in the US dies in a drunk driver crash, and yet I walked away from this high speed crash physically unharmed. However, the mental and emotional toll from this crash left me reeling for a time. MORE >

    I learned to face this adversity by becoming a volunteer speaker for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, sharing the harrowing experience with audiences of MADD. I had found this to be very therapeutic, and I am working hard to help others do the same with their own version of adversity.
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  • All Heart – If size mattered, Elephants would be King of the Jungle

    Darrin Schenck, Inspirational Speaker, DarrinChatter, LLC

    In this talk I share several experiences around my Pro Racquetball career and the training with pro and Olympic athletes and how these experiences directly translated to my sales career. MORE >

    One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that those who continue to fight always have a chance at success. I believe my story of perseverance will be found inspiring by people from all walks of life.
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  • How to Play the Cards You’re Dealt

    Laura Leigh Birdwell, Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, Category 2 Road Cyclist, Teacher

    Sometimes, life throws us unexpected curveballs. While we have every right to be angry at the cards we're dealt, anger will not win us the hand. In this presentation, Laura Leigh shares her perspective on remaining positive in the face of adversity. Drawing on her own life experiences and relying on the wisdom of the great authors -- Homer and Tolkien -- Laura Leigh offers an insightful perspective on the enduring nature of the human spirit. MORE >

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  • Having a Positive Mental Attitude

    Dan McGinnis, Inspirational Speaker, The Pumpkin Man

    The key to greater happiness and a more enjoyable life is the creation of passion. Identifying passion can make you feel on top of the world and better off than people with millions. I will show how to bring passion into your life.

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  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves: The Importance of Shifting Your Mindset

    Brad Graber, Author, Dark Victory Press

    We all have stories we tell about our lives. Some are shared in families. Others, with friends. Stories about when we met the love of our life. About the day our children were born. How we found our first job. But there are other stories that we don't share. Those are the internal stories going on in our heads. The stories we tell ourselves about our worthiness. About how people think about us. Stories that affect how we process the world around us. Stories that rule our nature and impact the quality of our lives. How can we edit these stories and find a better path? MORE >

    Brad is a former healthcare administrator. He holds a B.A. from S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo and an M.H.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. He no longer works in healthcare but continues to volunteer with non-profit organizations. He is the author of the award-winning novels The Intersect and After the Fall. He also writes a weekly blog: There, I Said it! His third book - What's That Growing in My Sour Cream? - is a compilation of Brad's best humor essays. His newest release is Boca by Moonlight, the story of a widower who learns the importance of friendship and family. For more information about Brad Graber go to

    Warm, engaging, and at times, very funny, Brad will be a welcome addition to your meeting.

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  • Own Your Destiny

    Tom DuBos, Sales Manager, NISC

    What separates exceptional performers from the ordinary, and how do I get there? It starts with ownership of your future and a proactive mindset, driven by your own unique talents and a bias towards action over procrastination. Learn how managing your attitude can empower you to take control of your life in this fast paced and entertaining roadmap towards a better future. MORE >

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  • Effective Mentorship affects everyones bottom line!

    Neftali Cano,

    My focus is about fostering the importance of Mentorship. Not just for teenagers and young adults, but for all of us. Mentorship is about helping one another from the classroom to the office. The days of Me, Myself and I need to give way to Us, We and Together. MORE >

    Mentoring doesn't just benefit teenagers and young adults... Businesses and Government Agencies can also benefit from following the principles of fostering effective mentorship in the work place. Reducing dropout rates within secondary education and college will always be important, but creating a more effective work place and reducing employee turnover rates is equally important

    Mentorship affects everyone's bottom line!

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  • Living with Greater Purpose

    Latoya Beverly, CEO & Founder of Sustainability Marketing, Creators of Change Agency

    We are at our most creative and best when we feel we are working toward a true purpose. The keynote engages the audience to feel empowered to take action for a better world from were they are.

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  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Joy: Mindfulness, Meditation, and More

    J. A. Plosker, Author, Host, and Consultant, Nobody Press, LLC and J. A. Plosker, LLC

    This program will explore the world’s religious and spiritual wisdom and help attendees discover tools to help develop powerful new avenues to mindful living and increased happiness and awareness – regardless of belief. What we do every day out of a sense of kindness or responsibility are the very things the ancients suggest can improve our lives. Knowledge and curiosity about religious and spiritual wisdom not only helps us grow, but builds a respect for diversity that can extend bridges of understanding that can benefit clients, communities, and countries. MORE >

    Attendees will learn about the importance of mindfulness and increased awareness in everyday life. The program will also examine religion and spirituality and encourage attendees to define and discuss them. The program will examine the role of ancient wisdom in everyday life, and discuss how it can benefit our lives, our clients, and our practice.
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  • Mindfulness: Harnessing the Extraordinary Power in Everyday Life

    J. A. Plosker, Author, Host, and Consultant, Nobody Press, LLC and J. A. Plosker, LLC

    Are ordinary events our most extraordinary opportunities for personal and spiritual growth? J. A. describes how a seemingly impossible experience took him out of a life of anxiety and depression and inspired him to spread a message of unlimited possibility. He’s now on a mission to empower people to be more mindful of life and to see their days in a whole new light. Hear how you can invigorate your journey of personal and spiritual growth right here, right now – right in your everyday life! MORE >

    You will be inspired to consider how events in your everyday life can be powerful opportunities for growth!

    Many people believe they don’t know enough about spiritual practices or don’t have enough time for personal or spiritual growth. It’s all for later or someday. J. A.'s answer is clear: The life you have right now is your greatest opportunity for growth. The answers to the “not enough” problem are not on a distant mountaintop or in a deep, dark cave. They are right here, right now!

    After this presentation you will understand the role ordinary life events play in spiritual and personal growth. J. A. will also share a simple process to increase mindfulness in daily life.

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