Feedback and Testimonials from Speakers

  • If you’re a speaker and want to generate more exposure and business for yourself, is a must! I’ve been a speaker for for over a decade now, and I can’t say enough great things about being a part of this great organization. has provided exposure to all sorts of organizations that I would have never had exposure to, and has been one of the best ways to get in front of new audiences to grow my business. I’ve been able to speak to various groups from Chambers of Commerce to Rotary Clubs to community organizations, and have not only had a lot of fun speaking for these groups, but have generated some of my best clients from the presentations that I’ve made over the years. So, if you’re thinking that is about working for free, think again! It’s about getting in front of great audiences that can experience your expertise, which will help you grow your business.

    Tom Kelly, MCC, Business Coach

  • Working with allowed me to be of service within my community, and meet wonderful people. While I enjoyed sharing my stories through my programs, it was the stories from the people I’ve met who influenced me. This organization brings such beneficial opportunities, and it was a pleasure to be a participant.

    Beth Mund, Speaker, Writer, Space Geek at

  • is a win-win. Civic groups and others often are looking for interesting speakers, and we’re always looking to tell people about our theatre.

    Bill Hammack, Managing Dir., Theatre of Western Springs

  • lets me reach people – and potential clients – that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. I feel it also lets me share information that I think people will find valuable and helpful in their lives.

    Kathleen Cantwell, Change for Better

  • I have given over 175 Free Speeches and enjoy the diversity of organizations requesting my programs and the favorable responses from the audience and program coordinators. I also enjoy when the audiences stay after my program and relate their stories that was stimulated by my “nostalgia” presentation.

    Larry Bergnach, Founder, Reminiscing with Larry and Vision Builder

  • This service is valuable not only for giving speakers an opportunity to become more widely known, but also for the groups who invite us. The organizations get a chance to hear speakers and topics that they otherwise would not have an opportunity to do so.

    Sander Marcus, Ph.D., IIT Center for Research & Service

  • Being part of Free Speakers gives me an opportunity to expand my reach and connect with a diverse audience. It is exciting to learn about the audience and craft my message specifically for their interest. As an author and an Executive Director of a nonprofit, I love to share my work, my story, and my knowledge. In one month alone, I had three speaking request resulting in a surge in book sales and several speaking referrals.

    Susan Neustrom, Author, Speaker, Coach

  • Not only is it ( great for my business, but I am so gratified when I leave a group knowing I’ve made a contribution. This goes far beyond marketing my business. It touches people in a sweet, personal way.

    Janet Lee Kraft, M.A., Ed., Creator and Director, Leaving Lightly

  • Thanks for including me in this list of speakers available. In the last two weeks I have received four requests to speak. That is a great result.

    Richard Treptow, PhD, Professor, Chicago State University (retired)

  • has given me the opportunity to talk to a diverse range of groups. It also has resulted in some of the best testimonials that I’ve received from attendees.

    Terry Bass, President, Chadons Resources Group

  • As a new author, I have found to be a very useful tool to get the word out about my two novels, Fatal Incident and In the Absence of Honor.

    Jim Proebstle, Author