James Terry

Founder, Yorktown Investments, LLC

Free Financial Speaker in Phoenix

  • Stories Your Broker Doesn’t Want You To Hear!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    In this entertaining presentation, retired Wall Street veteran James Terry shares true stories from his long career dealing with America's "rich and famous". You will learn how these investors...many of them the "Who's Who" of corporate America...were often able to do what seemed too good to be true: Beat the market if it went up, but lose nothing if it declined or even crashed...all while paying pennies in commissions versus the high fees Wall Street's investment managers were charging (and still do)! You may be calling your broker or investment advisor before you get home! MORE >

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    You'll also hear about the client who retired and lost millions with Madoff ... The oil company CEO who promised that oil would go to $120 just before it collapsed... The client who was in the middle of what became "Barbarians at the Gate"... And the client who shared the broadcasting booth every week with Howard Cosell during "Monday Night Football".

    Bottom line: All in all, Jim guarantees your money's worth...if only because he's free!

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