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  • 3 Surefire Steps for Hiring Rock Star Employees

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Create next-level job descriptions that tell your company’s story so you get the best talent out there knocking at your front door. Once they show up, learn how to effectively onboard and make them stay. MORE >

    Experiencing turnover like never before? Finding that after 3-4 weeks, new hires fail to perform or even leave? Wishing you could simply clone your existing employees and be done with this hiring headache?

    We can’t clone employees. But we can talk about proven ways to attract the types of people you need. In this workshop, we’ll do exactly that. Join me as we dive into marketing your business, creating a story that excites, and writing effective job descriptions – all for the sake of attracting those elusive rock star employees.

    And we won’t stop there. We’ll also focus on engagement in the first 90 days. Because attracting the right people is one challenge. Getting them to stick around is another.

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  • Hiring the Ones You Won’t Want to Fire

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Discover practical tips for designing an effective interview process that forces candidates to show up authentically. Learn how to screen applicants, and make the right decisions for your team. MORE >

    Have you hired “amazing” people only to find they’re not who you interviewed weeks ago? Do applicants often give all the right answers and then leave you scratching your head down the road? How do you get candidates to remove their masks and show their true colors before you hire them?

    In this workshop, we’ll talk about interviewing for success. You’ll consider your current process and assess its weak points. Are your questions too easy? Are your interviews too short? Are candidates too comfortable? We’ll answer these and more, and you’ll walk away with concrete tips for improving your system.

    You’ll also learn to screen candidates and recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly – all before the interviews even begin. Ultimately, you need to make the most informed decisions possible. And the only way to hire the right people is to interview them correctly.

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  • Five Ways to Open Up the Faucet for Increased Applicant Flow

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Without a steady stream of applicants, it can be difficult to find quality people to join your team. MORE >

    What is it costing you by not having your positions filled? Do you need to tell clients that your response times are ten times what they should be, or are you turning down jobs because you don't have the manpower to do the work?

    We’ve put together this troubleshooting workshop to help you identify the opportunities to improve applicant flow. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the things that can be done, we will discuss five areas to get you started immediately.

    You'll also learn how knowing the impact on your business can help guide you so that you can put your efforts in the right place.

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