Linda Curry

Author, Speaker, Educator, True Balance Wellness

Free Health & Fitness Speaker in Phoenix

  • Health Makeover for Long-term Vitality

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Do you feel frustrated with the constant health struggles even with a near-perfect diet? You are not alone. Buckle up as we address multiple facets of health and healing. Solidify your relationship with food AND find a simple food protocol that works for you! MORE >

    Learn how to:
    ● Tailor a simple food protocol specifically for you
    ● Change your mindset around food
    ● Solidify your relationship with food
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  • Feeling Alive and Vibrant for Today and Beyond

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Do you want to feel alive and vibrant as you grow older? If you are committed to making some simple changes, your health goals are within reach. Join a discussion and learn some of these top age-defying secrets:
    • Maximizing the quality of your sleep
    • Keeping a flexible mind and body
    • Mimicking top secrets of Centenarians
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