Juan Kingsbury

Talent Strategist, Career Blindspot

Free Business Speaker in Phoenix

  • Talent Blindspots

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Leaders often hire people who accept jobs for the wrong reasons. A leader who learns how to objectively balance attitude and credentials by identifying the blindspots of talent, as well as their own; will surround themselves with hard wired people who want to do the work because they actually want to do it. MORE >

    Attend and learn how blindspots labels - lazy, unmotivated, sociopath, introvert, selfish, etc can have you perceiving diamonds in the rough with false weaknesses.
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  • Motivation

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Why do most people go to work? Bills, family, responsibilities, etc.
    Why do happy people go to work? Love what they do, who they work with, etc.
    Why aren't more employees happy at work? If you're a leader looking to have more productivity or just want to help fellow employees manage their work expectations better, attend and learn about why we all do what we do, or don't. Our motivation. Hint: It's not a one size fits all. MORE >

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