Juan Kingsbury

Talent Strategist, Career Blindspot

Free Business Speaker in Phoenix

  • Motivation

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Why do most people go to work? Bills, family, responsibilities, etc.
    Why do happy people go to work? Love what they do, who they work with, etc.
    Why aren't more employees happy at work? If you're a leader looking to have more productivity or just want to help fellow employees manage their work expectations better, attend and learn about why we all do what we do, or don't. Our motivation. Hint: It's not a one size fits all. MORE >

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  • career BLINDSPOTS

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    What's the difference between surviving and thriving in the workplace?

    Understand the 5 blindspots in the workplace that directly affect job performance and personal fulfillment. Blindspots are only weaknesses when we don't mind them. Get a new perspective on your own career or gain insight that can help you guide others to be more effective!

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