Joanne Boyd

Long Term Care Finance Specialist, Boyd Health Insurance

Free Financial Speaker in Phoenix

  • Is There a Crack in Your Nest Egg? Let’s find the joy in living longer and loving it!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    People make all types of mistakes with their money, but rarely is anything more painful than those that involve a lifetime savings or "nest egg". This informative and educational seminar is designed to help people understand one of the greatest financial risks to that nest egg: long term care. In an entertaining way, long term care is explained (what it is, where it takes place -hint - it's usually NOT a nursing home, who provides it, how much it costs -hint: can be over $100K/yr.) along with options on how to prevent the financial devastation that often accompanies this. MORE >

    No one ever wants to think they might need help with everyday activities like bathing or dressing, or think they may start to lose their memory. The reality is that almost 70% of Americans, because of our longevity, will at some point need help. Families often struggle with juggling work, family and caregiving, creating not only anxiety but often their own financial loss. There are great solutions to help families prevent this. These options include traditional insurance, "hybrid" long term care plan options, and many with options that if it's not used, the money is returned.

    This presentation is appropriate for adults at any age, because long term care will touch all of our lives at some point.

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