Gretchen Reinhardt

En-ROADS Climate Ambassador and Volunteer, Citizens' Climate Lobby

Free Climate Speaker in Phoenix

  • Solutions to Climate Change


    Engage your audience with a real-time policy simulator. This is a fun way to learn more about climate change issues, solutions, and the relative effectiveness of policy solutions. Can the audience solve the climate problem (stay below 1.5°C)? The audience chooses the levers they think will have the biggest impact and as a group we see what happens. The tool simulates their proposed solution(s) instantly in “real-time”. MORE >

    Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan have worked together to build a worldwide, science-based climate simulator. The audience is engaged to offer suggested solutions to slow climate change. This stimulates discussions as to why actions may or may not be as effective as expected. We’ll also share bipartisan actions that the US Congress is considering and evaluate what impact those actions are likely to have on climate change. Participants leave the discussion with new insights into policy approaches.
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  • Faithfully Cherishing Creation


    Ground your exploration of climate action within your specific faith tradition, or learn about interfaith approaches to faithfully cherishing creation. This presentation will be created to meet the identified objectives of the faith or interfaith community providing the invitation. MORE >

    Climate is a topic that can touch all areas of our lives, from the most personal and daily decisions about having and raising a family to global water, immigration or energy policy. How do we settle into the wisdom of our own faith tradition and allow it to assist us in solving global challenges with love and power, day in and day out, year in and year out?

    This program is more about creating a shared journey into a faith community’s awareness of what cherishing creation means today than a presentation of information.

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