©Unleash the Power of Your Emotion to Create the Ultimate Business and Career Relationship

Today’s challenging business and career environment demands engaging and re-engaging stakeholder relationships at a higher and more meaningful level. Audience members leave this presentation knowing how to connect emotionally with influencers, stakeholders, and clients. Emotions motivate actions and beliefs in any given aspect of life. This presentation demonstrates how to use emotion to create advocates.

►Say great things about you when you are not around
►Proactively support your professional goals.
►Are direct sources for new business.
►Introduce you to important decision makers.
►Are influential in advancing your career
►Are sources of proprietary information
►Tell you the truth when you need it most.

No one achieves his or her business and career potential by working alone. We achieve our successes in life with and through other people. This presentation provides a seven-step method for taking relationships to a higher, more meaningful level. This presentation guides audience members through a precise method for achieving the ultimate emotional connection with those individuals who impact your business success, your career, and your life. Grounded in emotion, your relationships soar to a higher and more meaningful level.

This presentation, based in part, on my book, Your Secret Weapon: Creating the Ultimate Business and Career Relationship (Fulton Books), demonstrates how to achieve the ultimate emotional connection with individuals who are important to your business and career success. The content in this presentation is original and unique. To the best of my knowledge, no one is presenting these concepts.

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