Taking back personal power – How to manage when you’re triggered

A trigger is anything that sparks a very strong negative feeling that compels us to react a certain way.

How can you better manage these triggers so that we don’t give away our personal power and instead be able to choose the response you really want?
Learn to be intentional instead of reactive to maintain and be in control of how you feel.

During this 60-minute presentation/workshop, you will:

• LEARN how to identify your triggers, take effective control of your emotions, and respond to situations to create the best possible outcomes.

• Be Intentional and focused when going into meetings.

• FEEL confident and grounded in your ability to authentically show up.

You will leave this presentation/workshop refreshed, inspired, and empowered with actionable steps to take when triggered in situations.

This workshop is taught live with time for questions and interaction.

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