Downsizing and Tidying Up

The Golden Years are often accompanied by the realization that we have accumulated way too much stuff. Our idea of passing “our treasures” on to our kids isn’t a sure thing because for the most part, they don’t want your stuff either. So now what?

This class teaches the basic principles of organizing and offers techniques for simplifying life and “letting go” of emotionally charged possessions. It also touches on the importance of having an organized estate plan.

Andrea Brundage is a well-known Professional Organizer and author who will answer your questions, share valuable tips, and give you guidance so you can reduce the stress in your life and that starts by getting rid of the clutter in your space. Andrea’s book, Simplify Your Life: 8 Principles to Turn Your Chaos into Calm and its companion, the Simplify Your Life Journal are available for purchase at, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

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