Sarah Rose

Motivational Speaker, Podcaster and Transformation Coach, Sarah Rose International

Free Motivational Speaker in Phoenix

  • 10X Your Manifesting and Create the Life You Love!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Intended for intentional co-creators ready to learn what the "The Secret" left out, Sarah teaches an advanced 7-Pillar Manifesting Formula for so you can create a life you love, with ease and flow. She makes understanding and integrating powerful spiritual laws easy and effortless so attendees can start seeing results "pop" into their experience as early as the same day! This is not just another training on the Law of Attraction and is a must for anyone stepping onto the conscious spiritual path ready to take their manifesting abilities to the next level. MORE >

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  • Align with Your Purpose and Step Into Your Highest Self!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    What if the only thing keeping you from manifesting the life you truly desire is stepping into your future self, NOW? Sarah speaks directly to the Soul's calling and the silent nudge to go inward and come into alignment with the Higher Self to uncover the deeper meaning for this life experience. MORE >

    Sarah believes every Soul has a purpose and a deeper meaning for being here and it's up to each of us to find out what that is. She inspires people to be the CEO of their life experience and step into the highest version of themselves by taking bold courageous action, with no apologies or excuses, towards their dreams and highest vision.

    When you invite Sarah Rose to speak:
    Your crowd gets moved by Sarah's inspiring testimony.
    Your crowd gets empowered to heal their life and align with their purpose.
    Your crowd gets inspired to never give up on their dreams or themselves.

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