Robin Adrihan

Founder / Co-Owner, Smooth Transitions of the Valley

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  • Is Your Garage Filled With Items That Should Have Been Thrown Away 10 Years Ago?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Garage or home cluttered? Are you a saver or a hoarder? Is it time to just eliminate the clutter or are you moving? Would you like to get organized or make some money by selling some of your treasures? MORE >

    Whether you are moving and need to downsize or just want to rightsize your current home, find out how to do this without losing your mind. Let go, lower your stress scale and unload the emotional and physical junk.

    Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant Robin will give you tips on how to get through the challenge of letting go and what to do with the items that are going out the door.

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  • On The Move Again?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

    Life's major transitions are tough at any age. For older adults, moving away from their home can be especially challenging. It ranks as one of the top three most stressful events in life. And for good reason;leaving a lifetime of memories behind is emotional. MORE >

    Whether you are downsizing a residence or moving into a retirement community, it can be overwhelming. Possibly there are health or memory issues involved with this move. If you are a family member trying to help, it can wear on you emotionally and physically. Maybe your job is demanding or you live out of state and there is a time constraint.

    Serving older adults in Phoenix and the West Valley area for almost a decade, Robin will share the knowledge she has gained. Find out how to make a smooth transition and go from being "overwhelmed" to "overjoyed"!

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