Dr. Mallary Tytel

President, Healthy Workplaces

Free Motivational Speaker in Phoenix

  • Exploring Cultural Assumptions: Way Beyond Diversity 101

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    We live and work in a complex world and every day we must work effectively with diverse populations in a fair, balanced, and collaborative manner. While many of us have been taught to overlook differences around us, particularly in power, privilege and hierarchy, bias and discrimination are still embedded patterns in our lives. These are called perspective, and along with it comes myriad assumptions about the world. MORE >

    Now more than ever we need to examine our own patterns, beliefs, and connections. What exactly are the nature of differences; the concepts of power and influence; and daily expectations for interaction and relationships?

    This timely presentation will challenge participants to new ways of seeing, understanding, and influencing the culture around them.

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  • Simple Rules for Women Leaders

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Are YOU a woman who is ready to advance in leadership, but still find obstacles in your path while you diligently serve?

    Are YOU part of an organization committed to increasing opportunities for women, but haven’t hit on a strategy that works? MORE >

    Most importantly, are YOU ready to embrace power and opportunity with the intention of assuming leadership and being your best self?

    The ways that you think about and use your own power can be the difference that makes a difference in your career. This presentation offers Simple Rules and Simple Tools to help you hone your skills and move you forward to reach your goals.

    Embrace your own power with intention and confidence, while focusing on your presence and self-assurance. Now is the time to move forward to achieve success.

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